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A atualização do Diablo 4 facilitará a moagem para iniciantes e especialistas

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Ahead of first season content.
Blizzard has released its latest patch update for Diablo 4, which will make Nightmare dungeons easier to grind.
Experience rewards have been buffed for Nightmare Dungeons – specifically increasing the experience for both killing monsters in these dungeons and completing them – making them well suited for high level players looking to grind.
Helltide chests will also provide “substantially more bonus experience when opened”, and Whispers have similarly had a significant increase in rewarded experience.

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At the other end of the spectrum, Blizzard is also buffing Basic Skills as part of ongoing balance changes.
Basic Skills are a key part of any rotation, but are used especially in the early game by new players.
“We’re continuing our efforts to make all Class builds feel fun and powerful with another round of balance updates,” wrote Blizzard in the patch notes.
“In particular, we have seen community feedback stating that Basic Skills aren’t impactful enough in combat. These changes will not change the fundamental relationship between Basic Skills and Core Skills, but we hope that they help smooth out the levelling experience while we explore additional ways to strengthen them. We are also increasing the power of some Skills that players feel are lagging behind their peers.”
These changes will also be helpful during future seasonal content, in which players will need to create a new character. Basic Skills will now be more powerful for fresh visitors to Sanctuary, while Nightmare Dungeons will now allow players to build up new characters more quickly later in the game.
Elsewhere the update includes a whole host of bug fixes, ranging from specific dungeon and class issues, to issues with co-op and UI.
Visit the Blizzard website to see the patch notes in full. The update is downloadable now across all platforms.
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