A capa de Kirby da orquestra ganhou um Grammy

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My Nintendo News
The annual Grammy’s took place last night, and as usual, it was a star studded occasion. Out of the many winners last night was a New York City orchestra who covered Meta Knight’s Revenge from the 1996 Super Nintendo game, Kirby Superstar, and won the Grammy award for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella. As VCG reports, the 8-Bit Big Band is a 30-65 member Jazz/Pops orchestra based in New York City, which covers musical themes from various video games. Even Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai was both stoked and surprised writing the following tweet : “How is that possible? I’m surprised.” Congratulations to 8-Bit Big Band and the rest of the winners at the event.
We won a grammy. We really did it.@CRosenMusic @the8bitbigband
HOLY SHIT WE WON THE GRAMMY!!LONG LIVE VIDEO GAME MUSIC!! Thanks to everybody who’s ever listened to @the8bitbigband , ALL of artists who have contributed their time/talent and of course HUGE thanks to my co-arranger the one and only @Button__Masher !! MUCH LOVE!
Holy cow, that is super epic!
Kirby music is the best! 😄
The 8-bit Big Band finally getting the recognition they deserve
You know there’s something refreshing about seeing a video game orchestra win at the Grammys.
Videogames as a medium have come a long way.
The kirby music’s will always be the best in the franchise. This is a huge grand.
One of my dreams is a Mario Kart track that is the Halberd and this music is playing.
Here’s a link to the song, if anyone wants to listen (spoiler: it’s good)
Nice one!
Kirby music’s will continues to be the best in the franchise. Kirby deserve much love.
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