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A beautiful resort in the south west of Santo Ileso in the vast area of Rojas Desert along Route 22, Sunshine Springs boasts everything a tourist could wish for on their vacation – luxury hotels, plenty of shops, stunning scenery and… an obnoxious actor. Wait. What? Of course your visit isn’t going to be plain sailing, and you’ll find out why in The Heist and the Hazardous, the first of three DLC expansions for Saints Row this summer.
So what’s the deal? You return to play as the Boss, and you’re out for revenge! Insufferable movie star Chris Hardy employs you to take on a million-dollar assassination hit, but when he double crosses you and leaves you for dead, the Saints hatch a plan to take revenge on Hardy and his career – and whether you succeed is up to you.
Available now to buy, and included in the Saints Row Expansion Pass, The Heist and the Hazardous includes three new story missions for one to two players, a new weapon, a new helicopter, rewards, cosmetics and more!
Want to explore the new Santo Ileso district of Sunshine Springs without the DLC? No problem! Sunshine Springs is available to ALL Saints players now in a free update, and includes a host of new activities and shops are for you to enjoy whether you’re an Expansion Pass holder or not.
Alongside the new district, this update also includes Quality of Life improvements. This includes improvements to combat to make aiming, crouching and takedowns feel much more dynamic. Health and dodging of enemies has also been tweaked to make it a fairer fight.
There’s even a raft of new features including Selfie Mode, 12 new emotes and a whole host of bug fixes. For more information, check out the details of our Quality of Life and Improvement Update on the Saints Row blog.
Find out more on the Sunshine Springs website and download The Heist and the Hazardous from the Xbox store now!
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