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You already meet her, Nora Komar, a.k.a. Alley Witch, and it is no surprise that she would end up joining our team of Heroes. After taking a beat to recover her senses, Nora decides to help the Stronghold and find out what is behind the crime wave that ravages Mayhem City.
Nora is an extremely talented fighter, but not only that, she also can conjure forces from thin air and release powerful magical blasts from her hands and feet. Quick, strong, and able to hit enemies from a distance, Alley Witch comes to the game and brings with her a lot of cool changes to the way you face your enemies in the Mayhem Brawler Witchcraft update.
Also, you will be able to use her, and all the others, in the brand new Boss Mayhem mode, where you will face all the big bad guys from the game, one after another, in a new scenario that we prepared for you. Want to be the best in this mode? No worries! This new play mode comes with a nicely made leaderboard so you can show off your best time and compete with your friends.
With the Mayhem Brawler Witchcraft update we also have made a ton of improvements, balancing enemies and attacks, and fixing small bugs that were found during testing. This is our final update for Mayhem Brawler and for one year and a half, we worked hard to make this game the best one possible. Now, we will focus our efforts solely on the sequel, Mayhem Brawler II: Best of Both Worlds, to bring to you the best beat ‘em up ever.
See you pretty soon, Officer.
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