Ação da semana: Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy’s latest journey takes center stage.
Last week, we asked you to venture into Horizon Forbidden West and share daring moments of Aloy and the world around her using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights:  

SynthOrch shares Aloy in a fighting stance while tangling with a machine.

Sarokeye shares a night time landscape with a Tallneck in the distance.

Dominik_VP shares Aloy riding a Bristleback into the ruins of a desert city.

justinphotomode shares a portrait of Aloy framed by the moon.

hoffman_vp shares a heavily armored Aloy sliding into a fight.

visualcam9 shares Aloy diving underwater.
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THEME: Horizon Forbidden West – Aloy
SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on March 2, 2022
Next week, we’re focusing in on Aloy. Share epic portraits the red-headed heroine during her journey through Horizon Forbidden West using #PSshare #PSblog for a chance to be featured.

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So Beautiful 💗🔥❤️
The game is so vastly Superior to anything I’ve ever seen visually on console I was unable to make much progress at All by the time photos had to be in. Therefore, I really didn’t have any interesting shots but I’m very happy Forbidden West is the topic yet again.
This game is immaculate. The improvement in virtually every area is profound. Combat, skill tree, gear, NPCs, side quests, character development, QoL, traversal, settlements, activities, etc. The sheer depth that was added to this sequel is overwhelming. Even exploration is better, physics puzzles, climbing paths, focus ping, machine strike. Weapons and outfits are now more distinct with their own perks and upgrade options. Even the tiny details like popping car trunks and smashing barrels for loot or an extra puzzle mechanic to vantage points. More detail, more depth, more improvement. It’s the perfect evolution of HZD. This feels like the Killzone 2 of the Horizon franchise or even AC2 in terms of quantifiable improvement over the original.
You came all the way here to makes fun of us co sole players?
@lasylphie Don’t be fooled. They are a console player too.
Only last week they were hating on the game and pointing to one hilariously ill-informed review.
Now they are port begging it, actually alluding that they want to give PlayStation money to play it on PC when they wouldn’t even buy and support a game on Xbox the past decade, LONG before game pass was even a thing. 🤣
It simply doesn’t add up. The stank of Xbot comes off this cheap fake PSN account, with 0 trophies and played games, like a 200° Bristleback.
And no, they did NOT come all the way from anywhere. This loser, that many a time tells people on here to “get a life”, has zero a life, literally stalking the corridors of the PS Blog 24/7.
On one hand, it’s some sad dedicated trolling but on the other, the trolling is insanely pathetic and inconsistent….. like the PC port begging stuff but then hates the game, like I pointed out above lol.
How is that making fun?
It releases on ps first, and doesn’t go PC until much later.
One of the most buggy games on the market…
#HorizonForbbidenWest it’s a fail show.
$80 in the trash on the deluxe version of PS5…
It’s definitely got some bugs, but it is not a mess and none of the bugs are game breaking that you still can’t enjoy it. You just sound like nothing satisfies you 😁
And that’s why I’m waiting for the full, complete version. No rush, my backlog is huge. Let them fix, patch and improve everything then I’ll play it in it’s final, glorious form on my PS5. Just like I did with Horizon Zero Dawn complete edition.
Just a stunning looking game.
This game shows off just what they are able to do with these next gen consoles. The beauty that lies in this game is absolutely stunning, the story is rich and there is more life and things to do in the game compared to Zero Dawn. There are some bugs within the game but none that are utterly game breaking to where you cannot enjoy yourself the whole way through. I have to say i am pretty amazed as to how well Guerrilla is listening and pushing out patches as things do come up. Way to go Guerrilla for the amazing world and great story. Keep up the great work, and i hope everyone enjoys the west!
Sony is making some changes to their Plus and Now services. It seems they will be combined, and the price will be 3 tiered. The max being $16. The problem is that there will be no NEW GAMES for this price. How does Sony think they can sell a product – PSnow remaned – for this and give no new games? Again, leaders at Sony must be on CRACK! This is a FAIL! LMAO!
It’s a fail and further shows what position playstation is in – which is, the playing dead position.
This isn’t even competition anymore.
I would say ps needs to go the sega route, but no other company is going to want to sell ps’s expensive and very low replayable games.
PS put themselves in the position of developing games that cost too much money. Imagine if they never acquired developers – they wouldn’t have to eat those costs.
Playstation needs a solid strategy for the future. What they’re doing with spartacus is an extremely weak response to xbox.
How many gamers do they think want to play old games? Especially for months upon months.
Remember when people were tic’d when jim ryan mentioned something about he doesn’t know why people play old games? Then, he wanted to get rid of legacy ps3 games.
I think he really took everyones backlash too seriously and thinks that there’s more retro gamers than gamers who want new games.
I really don’t think I’ve seen a dumber big business.
xbot once again commenting, they do more spamming on Sony media than playing in their microsoft products 😅😅😅 could it be more pathetic than that?
Could you
Can you link the official blog or is this just word of mouth? If so, Ill wait for what sony reveals.
just a visually stunning game, sometimes while playing I just sit back and watch the environment
I wish i could post something about the game, i really do. However, i have not made it past the first 4 minuites of the intro scene before the game errors out. I have gone as far as to initialize my ps4 with no success. I get that they are busy fixing all the minor bugs involving graphics, and npc interactions, but some of us only have access to 0.001% of the content we paid for. I have nearly 50 error reports, and i just beg sony to look into them. Entertainment isnt supposed to be so depressing.
Ye ye ye I saw the comments but nobody say that on the last pic she looks like Bane
Game is too big, Please dial back your games Sony, I want to actually play other stuff 😂.
I’m like 55 hours in at 36%. Wth?
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