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Amnesia: The Bunker foi adiado por mais duas semanas, mas uma demo está chegando ao Steam

Delay "due to unforeseen certification issues".
Developer Frictional Games has announced another short delay for its intriguing “unscripted” WW1 horror Amnesia: The Bunker, but it’s also releasing a little something to tide fans over between now and its new 6th June arrival date in the form of a demo soon coming to Steam.
Amnesia: The Bunker – the fourth game in the Amnesia series, following on from The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs, and Rebirth – has seen a number of delays this year as Frictional puts the finishing touches to the experience, and the developer has now made the decision to push its release back another two weeks, from 23rd May to 6th June.
In a short statement announcing the news, Frictional attributed the latest delay to “unforeseen certification issues”. The decision, it said, was “crucial to ensure we do not ship the game with these issues”, adding the extra time afforded by the delay will allow it to “rectify the problem and ensure the best possible gameplay experience on release”.
The good news is players won’t have to wait for the game’s full launch on Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation, and Xbox before they can take their first tentative steps into The Bunker – a free demo comes to Steam on 22nd May.
It’ll feature a small taste of the full experience, which, if you’re unfamiliar, casts players as Henri Clément, a French soldier who, over the course of the game, is relentlessly pursued by an “adaptive” otherworldly creature through the claustrophobic confines of a dimly lit underground bunker. Unlike the linear storytelling approach of previous entries in the Amnesia series, The Bunker is “unscripted”, with objects, threats, and resources changing each play-through to create a more unpredictable atmosphere.
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