Aonuma: “Nunca tentaria colocar as ideias dos outros no meu jogo”

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It isn’t uncommon for games to be compared with each other, especially if they have similar elements of gameplay. That has been no different with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, to the point that Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma commented about the matter in an interview with RTL Nieuws that was translated by Nintendo Everything.
Aonuma revealed that the team had been so busy with developing the game, they really haven’t had the chance to play other games, such as Elden Ring. That game gets compared to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom a lot, but Aonuma says that they have only heard about the game. So, they weren’t really inspired by Elden Ring at all.
Aonuma continued, saying that “of course there are situations where you make something that’s similar to an existing game, but I would never try to put the ideas of others in my game. I’m too proud for that. I’m always looking for original ideas. When I made A Link Between Worlds, you had a 3D system when you jumped, which made it look like Link was coming right at you. When I showed this to former Nintendo president (Satoru) Iwata, he said he ‘didn’t know this was possible’. I was very happy to hear that, because to me that’s the essence of game development: figuring out things no one else has thought of.
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Except he totally does 100% do that. It’s just Nintendo policy to say such nonsense. What’s that a stamina meter? What is this skyrim? Sorry but Zelda is filled with ideas from other games, clearly they even changed the Zelda formula to further adapt the series for modern expectations. What an unnecessary statement. As if his staff doesn’t also play video games outside of work 🙄. I feel like Sakurai was the most honest here, explaining that you need to play other games to freshen your ideas, but also see if others used your ideas before you did. Lol busy
Skyward Sword released 9 days after Skyrim, so it’s not really likely the stamina gauge was taken from it.
Stamina gauge was in Shining Wisdom for the Sega Saturn in 1995 and in arcade games and I remember at least 1 PS1 game have it.
“I would never steal ideas from Todd Howard”
Zelda is very different from Elden Ring I didn’t know about the comparison.
Good Ideas are Good Ideas. “Somebody Invented a Way to make things better but we are going to pretend it doesn’t exits.”
People Take Ideas and Improve and Build on them. It’s how things get better.
Wasn’t Breath of the Wild confirmed to be inspired by Minecraft and Assassin’s Creed?
Yeah, Zelda just happened to become an open world game when it was already a fad.
So… are we just gonna pretend like they didn’t make two warrior style games with a Zelda skin over it and that both of them are on the switch 💀.
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