Aparentemente, o Fortnite estará obtendo um modo sem construção

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Epic Games free-to-play game Fortnite‘s popularity shows no real sign of slowing down and it seems that the company is finally listening to some of the fan base as they are looking to implement a no build mode. Those of you who get frustrated by the incredible speed and efficiency of some builders will be glad to hear the news. Of course building will stay a big part of the game, but it seems that you will be able to choose whether you want to play a build mode or just focus on those all-important gunfights.

Finally, a game mode that will make the pros seem a little less pro
We’ve actually had a game mode like that I believe it was called bare bones you had no hud no nothing just yourself
Bare Bones had building, just no HUD. The previous no building mode was called Ground Game
I’m sure it will just be a Limited Time Mode. At least to start. They’ve had a no build mode before but it was called “Ground Game”
I can still handle the build speed that pro players do all the time in some matches. I have no problems with it.
I’m horrible at building and box fights, but I can still crank out wins even without being good at building but I think it will be a good challenge where no building is a thing.
Fix the freaking friend list glitch h cant scroll with out it going back up tf
What is most needed is a button that says i don’t want to play against pc or other anonymous cheaters!!. If I am on console I don’t want to play against pc players who can multi-bind inputs so they get a cheating advantage. Fix that first fortnite!!
Exactly what I say all the time is console players have to play agains pc players there guns don’t got no recoil and they build faster and exit that’s cheating agains us console players just saying if they gonna listen to the players well they need to start now
it’s the building mechanic that makes fortnite such a good game imo… this mode wouldn’t be fun because the gunplay of this game is so crude and basic… but to each their own i guess !
My Nintendo News
Latest Nintendo News
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