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Play the new limited-time Control mode, welcome Mad Maggie to the Games and unlock rewards just for logging in during our 3rd Anniversary celebration!
It’s a new season of the Apex Games in Apex Legends: Defiance. To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we’re introducing a new mode, a new Legend, and giving away more rewards than ever before.
For a limited-time, try the newest way to play Apex Legends: Control.  Drop into 9 vs. 9 battles and team up to punch the enemy squad’s ticket. With each squad choosing Legends individually, you’ll get to combine the Legends’ abilities in ways never seen before. And you won’t have to worry about racing to a respawn beacon: victory is attained by possession of control points. Respawn as many times as you like and learn the move set of every Legend!
This season introduces Mad Maggie to the roster. This cutthroat warlord isn’t here to make friends. With her shotgun proficiency and a crushing Ultimate, this badass mad-lass is sure to change the Games.
Someone or something has hacked into Olympus’ Phase Runner, sending the floating city crashing down and creating destabilizations across the city that change the face of the map: perhaps forever.
Apex Legends: Defiance also marks the 3rd anniversary of Apex Legends. To celebrate, we’re giving tons of rewards to players who log-in within the first three weeks (see terms and conditions here). From February 15 to 22, unlock Octane and receive three Octane Thematic Packs. From February 23 to March 1, all players will unlock Wattson with three of her Thematic Packs. Lastly, from March 2 to 8, unlock Valkyrie and receive not only three Valkyrie Thematic Packs, but a Legendary Pack as well. 
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