Apresentação da transmissão da série Tales of Series que acontecerá em 10 de agosto

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My Nintendo News
Bandai Namco is known for a lot of different video gaming franchises. One of them is a franchise called “Tales of”, which has had various releases over the years. That includes a remaster of Tales of Symphonia that had released on multiple platforms earlier this year, such as the Nintendo Switch.
As for the future of the franchise, nothing is really known at this time. However, there might be an answer of some kind later this week. You see, it was officially announced that a Tales of Series presentation would be taking place on August 10th. It is completely unknown what this presentation will have. In fact, it isn’t even certain whether the news they will be sharing is related to any games. Nevertheless, if there’s anything of note from the presentation, we’ll let you know.
I still can’t believe they released Tales of Symphonia in a broken manner and fixed NOTHING!
Unless it’s a Nintendo switch game with Zesteria characters so whoever makes the next smash game can put Sorey in Smash, I don’t care.
Come on Graces F or Xillia Games for switch. Although it has been 2 year since Arise released, so they surely have something that they’ve been working on. Maybe not done, but a release trailer for sure.
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