Arcade Paradise chega ao PS4 e PS5 em 11 de agosto

Go from rags to arcade riches in this 90’s retro arcade game / light management sim.
Hello everyone! I’m Andreas Firnigl, CEO and founder of Nosebleed Interactive. We’ve been developing our retro arcade / part sim management game, Arcade Paradise, for the past three years, and I’m super excited (and relieved!) to reveal that the game will launch on PS4 and PS5 on August 11 – You can also wishlist the game on PS5 now.
Arcade Paradise is a 90’s themed arcade management simulator where every game is fully playable.
You play as Ashley, a 19-year-old college drop out. Tasked by your father, played marvelously by the award-winning Doug Cockle, (you may know him as Geralt from The Witcher series) you manage the day-to-day tasks of running the family’s King Wash laundromat business. Things start to get interesting when you discover that those dusty old arcade machines lying in the back room have more business potential than the actual laundromat. Ka-ching! Ashley’s imagination runs wild and you embark on a journey that takes you from dreary dead-end job to arcade empire as you experience what it’d be like to run your own games arcade.
There are over 35 fully playable arcade games to unlock within the game, which have all been built from the ground up, and each game has its own gameplay, stories, missions and high scores to set. From a development point of view, this gave us quite a few challenges! (we’ll save that for another blog discussion, tho).

I’m excited to also be able to give you a first look at our new release date trailer, The Grind, which showcases the core gameplay loop. Revealing how managing profits, grinding through, (very video-gamey) apparently mundane, (but actually weirdly enjoyable) chores, allows players to build and expand their very own arcade empire. Unblocking the toilet, peeling gum off floors, doing the laundry, and picking up litter, all act as mini games, from which you can reinvest profits into the arcade. In Arcade Paradise you’ll need to juggle laundromat management and arcade management, and you’ll need to play the games in order to maximize their profitability. It’s safe to say the road to Arcade Paradise won’t be easy, but we think it’ll be super fun.

If you grew up in 90s like me, you’ll probably know and appreciate just how popular arcades were. As a teenager, I was obsessed with video games and skateboarding and music. We were inspired by classic arcade games from past 3 decades – the game takes you through the 8, 16, and 32-bit eras, with inspirations up to the original PlayStation era – but we’ve also tried to add a modern take, so each game feels authentic but in reality, they are much more modern. For us, Arcade Paradise is a celebration of the greatest ever gaming era, in fact the game is so nostalgia-inducing you can almost feel the sticky arcade carpet.
As with video games, we are also big fans of music and in particular music from the 90s. It was an amazing era for music, not least because of its creativity and range of amazing genres. The soundtrack to Arcade Paradise is inspired by some of the greatest music of that decade, providing a thumping hi-energy accompaniment via the in-game jukebox.

Arcade Paradise is the biggest game we have ever created as a studio and we can’t wait for you to embark on your journey from rags to arcade riches when it launches on PS4 and PS5 on August 11
Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon at Arcade Paradise.

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Can’t wait to pick this up!
One of my biggest hyped games for this year! Cannot wait for the release!
Thank you so much. It’s been a blast developing it. Can’t wait to hear what people think when they finally get it!
I’m excited to hear y’all’s soundtrack!
Hooo hoo. More on that tomorrow (I think) over on the Publisher’s channels… but (spoiler) it’s kick ass.
I’m super looking forward to what you have come up with to support the nostalgia of the 80’s and 90’s. Woot!
386 PC with terrible web design and comic sans? Check. Dial up modem sounds? Check. Era appropriate grunge, rave, hip hop and pop radio station? Check. Shell suits? check. The list goes on!
Yep. I pre-ordered as soon as I heard about this game. Looking forward to this.
You are a star!
Since Street Fighter 2/NBA Jam/Daytona USA came out in 1991, and that was the most popular types of games during the 90s, those type of games should be featured in Arcade Paradise.
Right now, this looks like an arcade builder that features games from the 80s.
So, right now, this is wait and see for me.
So, I am not feeling the 90s vibe with the games featured. I am feeling the circa mid-80s.
I love the laundromat part of this game!
Okay so this has me intrigued. I’m so happy when I find out about a game like this and then wham, it’ll be in my hands in two short months.
It does sound fun, and will resonate with a lot of people, I was born in the 70s so grew up in the 80s and arcade life (albeit sparingly) was my reason for being.
No skateboards, but I had something better: Rollerboots. I was the tech king (yes even in the 80s) in my small ritual town, I felt like a king. I’m hoping in some small way this game (sorry… life affirming experience) will take me back to that time of my life where I felt invincible and that I could conquer the world!
Oh. I hope there is some classic 80s music in there too? If not. Come oooonnnnn…. New romantic playing whilst working in an arcade, sublime! Make it happen*.
*just a small wish
Please, consider the possibility of adding PSVR support for this game, even if it’s only dual shock-based controls. I’ve grown spoiled by the level of immersion and the illusion of really living the games, instead of only playing them, provided by VR, to the point where I don’t buy, nor I play any flat screen games anymore. So, let me tell you, reliving the halcyon days of the 90s’ arcade glory in virtual form would warrant a full-price purchase from yours truly, and I’m positively sure I can’t be alone in that regard. I know it can’t be particularly hard to achieve, as I haven’t coded in a long time but I remain more or less up to date, and I think your game’s particular format would make it a prime candidate for a relatively swift and straightforward VR implementation. Please, give it some thought. Best of lucks, anyway, and congrats for your hard work.
This is no fair. Being an 80s kid I saw the peak and the decline of arcades. I have no choice but to buy this.
Thinking this might satisfy that dream of opening a barcade, for substantially less money! lol
Oh yeah! I’m ready for this! Can wait the release!😬
Can’t wait
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