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As criações de naves Starfield incluem Millennium Falcon, Normandy de Mass Effect e muito mais

Rocket around the clock.
Players have been making the most of Starfield’s ship creator to build homages to spaceships from Star Wars, Mass Effect, Firefly, and more.
Along with the game’s thorough character creator, which has already birthed the likes of Walter White from Breaking Bad and Tony Soprano, people have also been flexing their creative muscles on the ship front.
Starting with perhaps one of the most famous sci-fi properties, here we have a selection of Star Wars-inspired ships. Of course, Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon has popped up several times since Starfield’s early access release.
Other ships from a galaxy far, far away have not been left out in the cold, with X-Wings, Y-Wings, diddy (well, comparatively diddy) little Imperial Star Destroyers and an Ebon hawk also making their way through Starfield’s sky.
Someone made a Destroyer from Star Wars in #Starfield using just its shop builder! pic.twitter.com/R0uFcI0Uh0
Players have also recreated Firefly’s Serenity and the Enterprise from Star Trek in Starfield.
Someone just made the Enterprise from Star Trek in #Starfield using just the ship builder!

This is by far my most favorite! pic.twitter.com/KlvtgiCTQt
As for game specific homages, we have Mass Effect’s Normandy getting shepherded around Starfield.
And, of course someone has recreated Halo’s Pelican and the UNSC frigate Forward Unto Dawn.
Someone made the Pelican from Halo in #Starfield

This is so cool pic.twitter.com/dNNZ5ojwB3
The Halo UNSC frigate called Forward Unto Dawn has been remade in Starfield by VantaGenesis! It’s roughly a 1:4 recreation with Starfields 100m length limit for ship building. #STARFIELD #Halo pic.twitter.com/6Xzv1td8LV
Away from the fantasy, we also have a nice tribute to “the ones who pathed the way”. Here is a ship inspired by an OG NASA shuttle.
Needless to say, there are some very skilled and dedicated Starfield players already out there, with more to join when the game releases fully later this week.
For more on Starfield, I recently spoke with Emmet Fletcher from The European Space Agency about what games often get right, and wrong, about space. You can read more here.
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