As últimas paradas do Reino Unido mostram FIFA 23 em primeiro lugar e Sonic Frontiers subindo constantemente

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The latest UK boxed-video game software charts have come through for the week ending 24th December in the biggest gaming market in Europe, the United Kingdom. EA Sports FIFA 23 remains on top form at No.1 and the fun Sonic Frontiers has made a comeback and is once again in the top ten this week at No.7, this is due to a number of retailers discounting the game during the all-important Christmas shopping period. All in all there’s currently eight NIntendo Switch games in the top ten this week, which goes to show that though the hardware itself is slightly aging, the Nintendo Switch family of systems and its games continue to remain incredibly popular with consumers. Here is the GfK UK Boxed Top Ten for the week ending 24th December:
As we Nintendo kids always used to and still say, you cannot trust a sega kid. Sonic frontiers is a travesty to computer game players world wide. Why are sonic games forever basic, like you showed up in 1991, and only two games are good? Imagine Sonic being developed by brownie brown AKA 1-up studios, or team Sora with Masahiro Sakurai. It shall be a grand thing one day. It still puts a smile on my face that Sonic is still running around at times aimlessly, but running. Knowing there are still sega kids in the world not to trust is calming. As much as things have changed, some still remain the same; happy holidays guys. Remember game on and on.
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