Attack on Titan Armored Titan Mastercraft Bundle atinge Vanguard e Warzone Pacific hoje

Sledgehammer Games discusses bringing the iconic Armored Titan to Call of Duty, available for purchase as part of a 10-item Bundle.
Abandon your humanity and take on the form of the Armored Titan. As the anime adaptation nears its dramatic conclusion, the collaboration between the award-winning Attack on Titan and Call of Duty continues.
Available for use in both Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific, the Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan — Armored Titan Mastercraft Bundle comes stocked with 10 items, including an Ultra-rarity Mastercraft Weapon Blueprint along with the eponymous Armored Titan Operator Skin for Roland Zeiment.
To mark the occasion of the Armored Titan Operator Skin coming to Call of Duty, I caught up with Jason Babler, associate live operations art director at Sledgehammer Games
Noel: What was the feeling at Sledgehammer Games when you first found out that you were going to be bringing the Armored Titan’s likeness into Call of Duty?
Babler: I’ll speak for the entire team when I say we were both honored and thrilled to bring Kodansha’s Attack on Titan to Call of Duty. There are a large amount of Attack on Titan fans here at Sledgehammer Games, and it was pretty unanimous that the Armored Titan needed to be in our game. 
What was the process of integrating Attack on Titan into Call of Duty? Could you share some memorable moments? 
Bringing Attack on Titan to Call of Duty has been a collaborative effort involving Sledgehammer Games. We spent a lot of time exploring ideas for imagery that would make sense as emblems, stickers and other 2D art, as there was a ton of amazing fan-favorite images from the anime to choose from. Picking the Armored Titan happened very quickly, however, which is a testament to its strong character design. Our character team felt they could bring those visual cues forward and create a human-sized operator within Call of Duty. 
I remember the first time I saw the 3D model of the Armored Titan, and then later the Ultra rarity, Titan-themed gun we created – that rush of excitement seeing this coming together really resonated with our entire team and it happened many times on this project. We know the fans will feel that as well. 
This Operator Skin is unlike any we’ve ever seen in Call of Duty. How did you feel about being able to bring a monster like being to life in the form of a beastly outfit for the first time in Call of Duty?
I used the word honored before and it’s still the first word that comes to my mind. Having worked in the anime industry before, I understand the love that artists and studios put into their characters. In this case, we have been trusted to carry these beloved Attack on Titan characters into our world in partnership with Funimation, and we wanted to do them all justice. Every person on this project carried that sentiment throughout the process. 
Players have always been drawn to making their own sense of identity with blueprints, skins, finishing moves and all the player accouterments we offer. Having the Armored Titan skin in our game is a natural fit. I guarantee fans of the anime will not be disappointed. 
What is/are your personal favorite moment(s) [alternate: Titan-related moment] from the Attack on Titan anime? 
I have a few: seeing the different Titans being introduced throughout the series never got old, and also seeing the ODM in action for the first time 
Who is your favorite Titan from Attack on Titan and why? 
Armored Titan, of course!
Take on the appearance of the Armored Titan in this new Mastercraft Bundle featuring one Ultra and two Legendary Weapon Blueprints along with more items celebrating the finale to the epic anime series. The ten included items are as follows:
Roland Zeimet of Task Force Barbarian dons the Armored Titan Operator Skin, a look that’s sure to send enemies running for cover.
There’s a weapon for every engagement, too. Unlock the Ultra-rarity Armored Strength Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint, a Mastercraft depicting the skeletal flesh of a Titan and features red tracers…Need to hit far out targets? Equip the Legendary Colossus Sniper Rifle Weapon Blueprint. Up close? Anti-Personnel Pistol Weapon Blueprint inspired by Kenny the Ripper’s weapon will do the job just fine.
Also included is the Legendary Paradise Lost animated emblem cycling between the three walls protecting humanity from the monstrous Titans: Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina. Additionally, outfit your weapon with the Epic Titan Serum Charm if you dare, and tag the Colossal Titan using the Epic Wall Titan Spray to strike fear in passing enemies.
Complete your Attack on Titan collection with three more Legendary items: the Die-urnal Watch, the Thunder Spears Calling Card, and the Unstoppable Force Highlight Intro to break through the competition. And don’t forget about the 2XP token.
The Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan — Armored Titan Mastercraft Bundle releases for purchase starting today, February 22. The new Operator Skin, Weapon Blueprints, and other ferocious items are for use in both Vanguard and Warzone Pacific.
Rise on every front.

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