Atualizações de software do sistema PS5 e PS4 são lançadas globalmente hoje

Variable Refresh Rate support is coming to PS5 in the months ahead.
Our next PS5 and PS4 system software updates are rolling out globally today, so we wanted to provide a quick look at some of the new features. We’re also glad to share new details on Variable Refresh Rate for PS5 on HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors, which is planned to release in the months ahead. 
Thanks to support from our beta participants, we’re introducing some fan-requested features to our global community today, like the ability to create or join Open and Closed Parties on PS5 and PS4 consoles. On PS5, we’re also bringing UI enhancements to Game Base and Trophy cards, as well as accessibility features like mono audio for headphones.
PS5 players with accounts registered to the U.S. or U.K. will be able to test drive a Voice Command (Preview) feature that lets them find and open games, apps, and settings, as well as control media playback with their voice (English language setting only).
PS5 players with accounts registered to the U.S. or U.K. will be able to test drive a Voice Command (Preview) feature that lets them find and open games, apps, and settings, as well as control media playback with their voice (English language setting only).
You can read more about these system update features here.
For a refresher on PS5 features like how to apply game presets on your console, pin videos and apps to your screen while you play, or share your screen with friends, check out the new “Pro Tips” cards in the Control Center.
Starting later today, we’re gradually rolling out the ability for PS App users to create or join Open and Closed Parties through the app as well. We’ve also updated the PS App Game Base UI to make it easier to access the Friends, Parties and messaging features, delivering a consistent player experience with PS5.
PS Remote Play mobile app users can enjoy a new “dark mode” based on their phone setting and choose from new Screen Reader languages for both iOS and Android, including Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Finnish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Thai and Chinese (traditional and simplified).
We’re also pleased to share that Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is planned to release on PS5 in the coming months. On HDMI 2.1-compatible TVs and PC monitors, VRR dynamically syncs the refresh rate of the display to the PS5 console’s graphical output. This enhances visual performance for PS5 games by minimizing or eliminating visual artifacts, such as frame pacing issues and screen tearing. Gameplay in many PS5 titles feels smoother as scenes render instantly, graphics look crisper, and input lag is reduced. Previously released PS5 games can be fully optimized for VRR through a game patch and future games may include VRR support at launch.
As an added option, you can also choose to apply VRR to PS5 games that don’t support it. This feature may improve video quality for some games. If this results in any unexpected visual effects, you can turn off this option at any time. Both VRR and this secondary option can be turned on or off.
Please note that results may vary depending on the TV you’re using and game you’re playing. As we get closer to the feature’s release, we’ll share more details, including some of the games that will enable VRR support through a game patch.
Our teams will continue to work hard on ways to enhance your gaming and social experiences on PlayStation, so stay tuned for more updates!

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Right so its what I always feared yet expected.
No freesync support?
Sounds like it. They explicitly say HDMI 2.1 VRR and nothing else.
Yet I bet you were one of those people commenting VRR 1440 on every post on every internet site you could find…
Here you are again moaning. You lot are never happy. Ever.
What do you think freesync is lol.
VRR verbatim does what freesync advertises. You’re getting what you asked for and now your mad because they didnt slap a TM on the box.
What a disappointment. They finally announce my #1 most desired feature only for me to learn that I need to buy a new TV in order to utilize it because my 2018 Samsung has FreeSync but not HDMI 2.1. I really didn’t see this coming; thought I was in the clear.
“Our teams will continue to work hard on ways to enhance your gaming and social experiences on PlayStation”
You never started working hard; how can you continue? Can we get proof of this so-called hard working, because no one can see it, and we think you’re lying.
VRR & Freesync are the same thing. None of this makes any sense. VRR has been part of the HDMI spec since 2.0. The Xbox one x supported it.
It really makes no sense that this wasn’t there from day 1 and makes even less sense that games have to support it for it to work properly. It’s a system level function… It should work on new games and old games without issue as long as the tv or monitor supports it.
This is probably some weird faked VRR running at the software level instead of the hardware level. That’s the only explanation for a game needing to have support for it.
d0 gets it
VRR is HDMI standard for 2.1, but can function for 2.0. Freesync is amd’s software.
My guess is laziness and cost, as usual. They didn’t want to add vrr to hdmi 2.0.
@xDD90x How did you not see this coming? It was stated from before the PS5 released – it was going to support VRR using HDMI 2.1 (eventually). It’s been well documented.
How well it supports it will be interesting to see, but I bought a new TV before I got my release-day PS5 because I knew this was coming THEN. It’s been a long wait, and I’m not sure I’ll care (since enabling VRR on my TV will disable some features like variable backlighting, so I may end up with a worse picture overall…I’ll have to see when it shows up).
You’re right; I should have paid better attention. I just thought that I’m safe because I knew my TV supports FreeSync. I completely glossed over the point about HDMI 2.1.
Hopefully, Sony has implemented it based on Adaptive Sync, which is the VESA standard. If they did, there’s still hope for FreeSync support because it also uses the Adaptive Sync standard. The series X supports FreeSync with HDMI 2.1, although it is listed in their official specs by name.
Exactly. WTH were they thinking not supporting VRR through HDMI 2.0?! Most of the market is still using HDMI 2.0.
Most of today’s monitors don’t have HDMI 2.1 but support VRR through 2.0.
ps5 Pro rumor is out.. late 2013, possibly ’14
2.5x performance of og ps5
Make sure to pick up at least 2. Scalp one; it won’t cost you anything in the end.
actually they do work hard its just that to many requests come from playstation users around the world also evidence means nothing to a multi billion company so have fun showing evidence to them that litterally mean absolutly nothing to them my “friends” (saying my friends is me being sarcastic your honestly all jerks)
You can NOT do VRR/Freesync and HDR at 4k over HDMI 2.0
You need 2.1 for that.
You could do VRR at 4k or HDR at 4k on 2.0 but not both at the same time.
Oh wow, look at purplish… “You’re all big meanies”
Once you grow up and realize everything is not flowers and sunshine, you’ll realize all big businesses are turning towards anti-consumerism.
They don’t listen to requests from consumers, purp, we know that. The blog is here for us to vent our massive disappointment at the stupid & greedy decisions of ps. The only people speaking in defense of ps are employees, like andrewsqual & iamtylerdurden, because it’s their job.
I don’t care for HDR. My monitor has a very weak HDR effect so I turn it off. You can do freesync/VRR with HDMI 2.0 so there’s no reason we can’t have it.
Ok, but what about FOLDERS? My library has ove 600 games and it is absolutely impossible to get it under some structured view.
No Folders on PS5 is PS4 all over again.
I’d like ever back catalogue playstation game readily available on the store.
Who needs 600 games installed at once?! Can only play one at a time 😂
That’s all you have?
Sony might add them later, but you honestly do not need them. Ps5 is database driven. I imagine with voice support you’ll be able to just ask it for the game. Additionally there are filters and search mechanisms. Believe me folders solves nothing. Just creates more clutter to sift through. That’s assuming your perfect organization doesn’t lead you down the wrong branch to find nier automata because you couldn’t decide if it was an action game or an rpg.
I never used folders. My friend and I get together regularly, does use them. Literally takes him longer to boot up a game back when we were on ps4. He ended up having to create another folder for games we play together just to keep me from waiting to long.
I found folders on the PS4 quite useful for organizing. I had it setup real nice with a folder for SHOOTERS, RACING, ASSASSINS CREED, PSVR, PLATFORMS, etc. now I have to roll through all these in the library list and nowhere near as efficient. Kind of surprised Sony left this and many other things out after waiting so long for it on the PS4. Also PLEASE Sony when I am reviewing my storage to free up space and I come across a game I haven’t played in while PLEASE PLEASE let me launch it right from there!
Ah, so just because you don’t find folders useful, you assume it’s useless for everyone…? Makes sense!
I mainly use folders because I usually don’t search for a specific game, but want to browse through couch co op games for the evening or whatever, without having to go through the entire library which is horribly sorted imho.
I believe it took three years for folders – which were on the PS3 – to show up on the PS4. Given that, I expect we’ll get folders on the PS5…maybe for Christmas NEXT year?
Being very generous, Feist.
We are still waiting for 120 hz support for 2k monitors.
Since Iv downloaded this patch I haven’t been able to play online even tho I’m signed into psn and connected to the WiFi I can see my friends are online and can join the party and talk just can’t play games? I was able to seconds before I downloaded the patch
2k? Haha. Weak. Get a better monitor.
Agreed. We need 1440p support
Another strange omission (like VRR) considering even the last gen x1x supported it … Technically. It also had VRR.
This is all very strange.
You are totally wrong, 120hz for 2k (1080p) monitors has been there for a long time.
Same bro. Series X has had it since launch! The X has so much more features for compatibility. Even VRR
What about 1440p support?
There’s another one.
Yes 👍 now we can’t use our ps5 great job everything isn’t working no store or games or ps plus and the support is useless.
please please add support for 1440p/120hz & ultrawide monitors
I really want all the ps3 games to return to the ps5 😢
Ultrawide support would be amazing but I doubt it will ever be a thing. It’s funny because Death Stranding has a UW option but on 16:9 with black bars.
Hopefully 1440p will be available soon also. Becoming a very popular monitor and many TVs allow 1440 at 120hz. Your competition offers it.
Could us PS4 users also get the ability to get our captures 8n the ps app? Seeing that I cant get my hands on a PS5 soon because of scalpers overpricing.
Go to the PS Direct website, sign in and hit the Register button for an opportunity to buy a PS5 at MSRP.
It has worked for tons of people and will probably (eventually) work for you too.
Of course, this assumes you’re in the US, if you’re not then disregard my comment and I aplogize.
Excited about vrr finally coming to ps5, hope 1440 support will come soon as well. I hope Sony will add there 3D sound system for soundbar systems too love dolby Atmos on my Xbox really miss it on PlayStation
Atmos is…amazing. Its been supported on the Xbox since the base xb1. So has 3d audio via stereo headphones, both atmos and DTS:X.
What about HDMI 2.0 1440p 120hz freesync
I hear rtx cards are coming down in price. You might be happier on pc if you’re interested in having those sorts of specs. While I’m sure sony can implement those features and likely will feature them front page of the ps5 pro feature set in a couple of years. I don’t see you ever reaching 120hz in a game or seeing games patched for 1440p output. Might see a force mode, but who knows what impacts that will have. Freesync is just vrr, you’re not asking for anything special.
You seem to be missing something here. Many people, myself included, have TVs that support FreeSync, but are HDMI 2.0. The post specifies that the upcoming VRR feature is for HDMI 2.1 compatible displays, meaning it won’t work on TVs that don’t have 2.1. So FreeSync and VRR are not the same as far as PS5 is concerned.
I don’t know why people are saying move on. This should have been there day 1.
VRR was supported on the xb 1x and that was HDMI 2.0. It was even supported on my 2016 LG TV and basically every monitor made in the last 10 years if you had an AMD GPU. Nvidia could have added support too but they make allot of money selling gsync modules.
Plus now TV’s are starting to support VRR all the way down to 20hz which is amazing.
Move on? lmao the XBox can do 1440p. My computer can do 1440p. My bloody cell phone can output at 1440p. All with one click.
Absolutely blows me away that this hasn’t been added yet. It’s literally the main reason i havent touched my PS5 in a while.
Had to leave my 4K TV at my parents when i moved 4000km away. My 1440p/244Hz monitor is bloody sick for gaming on everything – except the PS5 which outputs at 1080p.
Nobody should move on man, keep complaining. It can’t be THAT hard to add
We want the ps app in Africa too as well. Why are we being denied of this opportunity!!! Not cool
Make a US or UK account and get it.
F O L D E R S !
Over a year later, no 1440p support, no folders, no background/wallpaper.
And how about an FPS boost for BC titles like Xbox Series has, so all those old games stuck at 30fps can be played in 60.
And to miss out on paying 10$ for the “upgrade” ?
I will be surprised if for some Sony titles they will NOT ask for some $ for the VRR patch.
Hey look a list of things they did not promise.
I wouldn’t look forward to a forced 60fps mode for ps4 games. PSGL doesn’t set up its code the same way dx11 does. Which has the support for frame rate control built into the app. This has more to do with windows believe it or not. Sony never made that consideration, so you won’t ever see it applie unless they find some way to hack the build or ask devs to update the games to support the feature. They’ve done the latter, see ghost of tsushima as an example. Maybe we will see other games update in the future.
Folders aren’t needed, look at filters and search. Ps5 is very efficient at reducing a list of games down even with my massive 1.5k library. You should have no issue here. You may get them some day, but I do suggest you stop relying on such an antiquated feature and understand how a database oriented file system works.
They never promised 1440p. If you want this I suggest going to pc.
Backgrounds would be cool, but what use would they have on ps5. Every game shows its own title card for the game hub. The library covers the entire background. The whats new section or what ever it is called has a massive article panels that cover the entire screen. Believe me I miss tifa on the water tower too, but let’s be real here the ps5 wasn’t designed with it in mind and is fast enough to prevent a bland background from ever showing up requiring the need to let the user set it.
Welcome to why i switched to PC this gen. Just use the PS5 for exclusives but like, i dont want to play Horizon at 1080p jesus
Fix this Sony
Can you add a confirmation box when switching games, so I don’t close the game I was playing if I accidentally click something else?
Me and my friends likes to listen to music so it would be very nice to be able to listen to music together in the playstation party. And those who don’t want to listen can just mute it. All love from! 🇸🇪 ❤
1440p 120hz support is a MUST!
The demand is high enough for sony to invest their time into this feature.
Exactly, they aren’t listening. This NEEDS to happen immediately it is something 90% of people want, yeah they want to sell their TVS but heaps of people are switching to different platforms due to this issue
Sony, everyone wants VRR and Folders?
Sony 🤔 Confused No?
Maybe take a look at PSPlay android app on how to make a proper remote play app. The official app still does not support controllets like Razor Kishi, or Dualsense, or haptics and triggers. If a single person can do it as a hobby, so can your team.
Nice to hear about upcoming VRR support. I hope the UI changes simplifies the process of starting a Share Play session – it is much too convoluted at the moment, which seems ridiculous, when there is literally a “Share” button on the controller.
Just let us customise it for shortcuts, please. Find submenu item –> hold Share button –> give option to map submenu item to Share button for future quick-launch.
Creating shortcuts has been easy for users since DOS – it is time for Sony to embrace this wonderful new technology…
This update, at least in the beta, had share screen options mapped to the share button. Also when in a party share screen and share play were separated, so you could just start a share play instantly from there.
Would it be possible to update the PS App so it’s capable of playing clips that have been recorded on a person console and even more importantly allow the user to convert the videos so they save onto the users smartphone.
Many Thanks
If should do that now, if you are saving clips from PS5 at least..
With a username like you have you’ll continually be ignored.
The ability to update games from the Library screen would be nice. Currently any game not on the main bar has to be started to trigger an update, then you have to quit to install, then restart.
I agree, it’s a ridiculous process.
Not hard to do, but unnecessary steps for no reason and it may add a game you don’t want at the time to the Home Screen.
Where is 1440p support?????????????
Sorry, PlayStation is primarily a device aimed at TV gaming so any computer monitor resolution standard is probably no priority.
Maybe this is true for 2010, but times have changed. Using a gaming monitor with a console is very common. You still have couch warriors, but all steamers, A lot of FPS players and I’m sure there are others, use Gaming monitors. If Sony does not realize this, they are stuck in the past.
Sony, now please allow PS5 PS Vita remote play and the ability to connect Dual Shock / Dual Sense to the Vita.
Any news about 1440p support instead of just 1080p or 4K? This is a highly requested feature for people playing on PC monitors.
Sony always said, they would bring 1440p once there is enough demand. Now that there is enough demand, but Sony is still not giving one single f*** about us. All lies, they never even think about mentioning 1440p for a future update. Such a simple update Sony is consciously refusing to implement for whatever reasons. Worst customer support ever Sony, what a bunch of *****.
Go enjoy your Xbox dude, jeez! 😂
Sorry, PlayStation is primarily a device aimed at TV gaming so any computer monitor resolution standard is probably no priority.
I’m not certain that a bunch of nerds on a blog counts as “enough demand”. Sony will sell the same amount of PS5 systems whether they implement 1440p or not. I’d rather them put more effort into other areas of improvement rather than try to appease a niche group of users wanting a resolution under 4k.
Maybe this is true for 2010, but times have changed. Using a gaming monitor with a console is very common. You still have couch warriors, but all steamers, A lot of FPS players and I’m sure there are others, use Gaming monitors. If Sony does not realize this, they are stuck in the past.
What monitor do you have? I assume you dont use one. So your saying you want them to work on something that benefits you over others. I get it, but your point is just it does not benefit you, so you would rather they work on something else. I mean open Party does not sell more PS5s. 1440P support really does make people consider XBox of PS because the cost difference is that big and 1440P rules gaming monitor market right now and will be around for a while.
Nice update… but we still want these options in the console:
•Organization of games in folders.
•Option to Export Save Game from PS5 games to USB devices.
Here’s the PlayStation tip!
I’m guessing you did not read the article.
Themes are toast. They aren’t even selling them anymore on PS4. The webstore doesn’t even support them, or apps.
Thank you to add ukrainian language, but why didn’t you add Ukrainian to the profile section as the main language of communication?
Okay so the open party I put the request to join how does that feature work? Because I would think it works like back in the day where to be able to join they’d have to let the part owner to let them in. But when I activated the feature of “Request to join” i had tested it out with my other account and it had just let them join without permission whatsoever.
That’s the whole point of an ‘open’ party, anyone can join.
After this update, I’m now locked out from playing online. ‘Could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription’.
Everything appears to be in order but I’m locked out of online games.
When can we expect a fix, please?
I’m in the same boat. Can’t connect and I’m having elden ring withdrawal
Same here
Same happened to me. Very annoying
Same here. Annoyed that my experience is interrupted for features I really don’t care about or want.
Come on Sony do you even test properly.
me too. no online games workes any longer. sony please fix!
Network issues. Now correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression that the PS plus subscription covered one or more of the following:
Online play
Monthly games
Please make at least one of them right
I have the same issue. Wtf.
I’m feeling that eldin ring withdrawal too .-.
Had to come online to see what was up.
Come on damnit
same 😞
same here, can’t play anything online, hope we get a fix fast because this is what i literally pay for
Let us play our entire digital playstation library on ps5. And a new handheld
come on playstation still no vrr or 1440p series x has had both since day 1 realise
Day 1 realise?
Come on kid, if you’re going to berate Sony and their choices, at least learn to spell check your own retort.
When will Sony make the remote play function available outside the home, that is, without having to be connected to the same network?!? Being able to play on PS4 through my PS vita away from home.
Errr that does work.
I’ve been playing my PS4 on holiday via my Vita since like forever.
Still no Discord.
Discord? Why would Sony add Discord support? It’s a completely third-party app and Sony has and promotes its own communication system. It’s not a Windows computer, you know.
It’s there from last month at least.
@James-0113JE PlayStation has partnered with Discord.
After update has been installed I can longer connect to PlayStation network. Neither can my friend. When is fix?
Same Problem I am getting
i am not even getting the update installed an error code is popping up
I have an idea better then all these bozos and this is from a true hardcore player. How about sending me the entire PS2 library “The greatest system made thus far” and letting me go through it’s games for you guys? I can tell you which games deserve remakes and which games deserve sequels, trilogies, and so forth. Cause, a lot of today’s games are trash and only handful are good. A lot of games franchises are starting crash and burn due to the companies listening to weak casuals or liars from the other teams. I love PLAYSTATION, NINTENDO, and SEGA growing up. So I wouldn’t lead you wrong. Like I said nothing wrong with the hardware and software. Cause, most of these fools forget that the PS5 is for VIDEO GAMES first and other stuff second. Sorry I have to put it that way guys. But, if you step back and really look at everything. You will see I am right. Also, Bungie is a joke. Stay away from them. They are not worth the time of day.
After update could not verify PS subscription….. Come on guys…
Since the upload my PS plus features are not working. Any help?
Same here
Look like a common problem – having it on my end as well.
Even if 100% of users have this issue, they’ll spin it like: “A small minority of users are experiencing…” They can legally say that, because they consider their consumers to be ‘small’ & ‘minor’.
Did anyone else have a problem where they lost their PS Plus after the new update? (PS4)
Yeah, me too
So I just downloaded the update and now I can’t play any games because it says I don’t have PlayStation plus even though it says it ends on 6/19/22 and I even bought the $9.99 subscription and I still says I don’t have plus so there goes $10 🙁
Aftet update elden ring could not Verify my PS Subscription…. wtf…
Listen PlayStation just focus on adding VRR 1440p support and then everybody is happy!
When are Discord voice channels coming to PS5
They haven’t even been announced.
I can’t view my PlayStation messages in full screen! It takes extra button pushes to get to my mssg groups! You messed up PlayStation mssgs! Revert update! Please!!!
I want my PS5 mssgs in full screen! This update botched mssgs,I can’t even see screen shots uploaded to my mssg group in full screen! It takes extra button pushes to get my mssg group. I’m going back to PS4! You messed up PS5 mssging!
After I installed this update my ps plus membership content, games and features are now either gone completely or I’m locked out of them. Despite this, the ps plus menu says I don’t have to renew it until December 2022. Any tips Sony??
That don’t involve restarting, testing internet, or signing out and back in??
Because they don’t work at all
LOL, as a lifelong electronics tech (not IT) I always power everything down, then disconnect power from everything – turning off isn’t the always removing power from.
Just so I can tell the “phone techs” I’ve already done all that.
Same here Sony won’t do anything about it. Just have to wait until the servers come back up
Patch notes for PS5 games like PS4 games has, please.
Patch Notes:
No more online play
They already exist. That’s a lazy dev issue, not on Sony.
Hi, After installing the update today I cannot play online anymore. It says that the the game cannot connect to my online ps+ account.
I cannot upload and download saves from the cloud too (obviously)
While I was sleeping PSN installed the Ver 9.50 update (PS4). Now, I can’t access Destiny 2 or Elder Scrolls Online. The Bungie screen tells me I can’t connect with their servers (“check your network settings”) and Elder Scrolls sends me to the PS Plus renewal screen – my subscription is good till July 14th, 2022.
WTH did you guys do?
Yeah same thing here. Tried gta online and elden ring
Same with ESO.
Just did the update few mins ago.
Sons account PS+ updated last month for a whole year – so it’s gone eather.
I can’t play any online games since the update. Keeps asking me to get ps+ even though I have 11 months left on my subscription
Ummmmm, that would all be fine and dandy IF IT Actually WORKED!!!! Absolute joke and tbh I’m embarrassed for you overpaid nerds
Ummmmm, that would all be fine and dandy IF IT Actually WORKED!!!! Absolute joke and tbh I’m embarrassed for you
Can you just make it so that the chat comes out of my TV speakers and not my controller.
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