Capcom anuncia novo jogo Monster Hunter para celular Monster Hunter Now

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Monster Hunter fans will soon have a brand new game to sink their teeth into, though it is for iOS and Android devices. The newly announced mobile game is titled Monster Hunter Now and is due to launch this September worldwide. Capcom says that there will be a closed beta test for those interested which starts on Tuesday, 25th April. Monster Hunter Now is a joint partnership between Capcom and Niantic and you can watch the teaser trailer here.
“Sign up now to stay up-to-date on Monster Hunter Now. The beta test starts from April 25th, and invited testers will be notified via email. Closed beta test access will be limited to an estimated 10,000 participants. Though we will not be able to extend an invite to everyone, all registrants will directly receive the latest news and updates on the game.”
Hunt monsters in the real world in Monster Hunter NOW, a new mobile #MonsterHunter game from Niantic and Capcom, launching September 2023!

Try the closed beta test starting on April 25, and follow @MH_Now_EN for the latest info.

Apply here:
I hope this makes it’s way to consoles eventually, they could have been developing “Monster Hunter World 2” but we get this and it’s for iOS and Android devices.
First of all, this is developed by Niantic. Second, this game is made for mobile devices considering it’s using AR functionality. Third, why do you care what devs spend their time developing on? You know they have different departments working on different projects not just the entire company working one singular project, right?
Meh, cool to see MH Love though
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