Capcom terá “muitas maneiras diferentes” de comemorar o 35º aniversário de Street Fighter em 2022

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Can you believe it’s been almost 35 years since Street Fighter debuted as a multiplayer arcade fighting game in August of 1987? Shoryuken! The franchise has become much beloved for revolutionizing the 1v1 genre, having fun and unique characters, and being a blast to play both casually and competitively.
Capcom, the developer and main publisher of Street Fighter, has shared a brand new logo for the 35th anniversary, and it seems they have much more celebratory plans to be announced throughout the year. In an interview with 4Gamer (as translated by EventHubs), Shuhei Matsumoto, the producer of Street Fighter V said; “We’ll be delivering a lot of information in 2022. Street Fighter is having it’s 35th anniversary, and we’ll be showing many different ways to enjoy it.”
Back in 2018, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection was released for Nintendo Switch, but it remains to be seen if another similar package will be unveiled as part of this year’s festivities. Fans have been clamoring for Street Fighter VI, and with the final presentation for Street Fighter V airing last November alongside the message; “We’ll be back with more news about the future of Street Fighter,” there is no doubt that 2022 would be the perfect time to finally show off the anticipated sequel.

Cheers to 35 years of epic fights, fireballs and iconic rivalries!
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Just give me Dudley, Remy, Makoto and C. Viper on SF6 and I’m good.
Wait, that’s way too many demands to be starting the sentence with “just”. 😯
This makes me feel SO old. I remember back when Street Fighter II first released. I was always confused about why it was called Street Fighter II. Because I never heard of the original one back then (and for good reason). Street Fighter II was so phenomenal back when it first came out on the Super NES and arcades. I was a bit obsessed with it until Mortal Kombat hit the scene and took me over with it’s great game play and digitized graphics.
Great more street fighter 2 version bundles lol
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