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Chivalry 2 recebe grande atualização ao chegar ao PS Plus

Party time.
Chivalry 2 just launched for PS Plus members, and there’s a big new update to go along with it.
The Raiding Party update, which is for all versions of Torn Banner Studios’ medieval first-person slasher, adds a new map and a cross-party invite system.
The new team objective map, dubbed The Sacking of Bridgetown, arrives alongside the beta release of the cross-party feature, which lets players add friends and create parties across all platforms.
The trailer below shows the new map in action.
Meanwhile, the update adds a new weapon to the game: the heavy cavalry sword. This one-handed weapon has a long reach and slow swings, and was designed with horseback combat in mind. It’s available for the Footman Man-at-Arms and Knight Guardian classes.
And there’s a new campaign pass called Raiding Party, which comes with new challenges and customisation unlocks.
Coming soon is the new Mounted Arena limited-time 1v1 PvP mode. Expect it to run 19th May to 4th June.
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