Cinco novos conjuntos LEGO Sonic apareceram online

My Nintendo News
My Nintendo News
It seems the LEGO Group and SEGA have been busy collaboration with each other as five new Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO sets have now appeared online. The new LEGO sets are due to debut next year and have not been officially announced yet by either party and are set to cost between $29.99 and $99.99. LEGO fans and video games fans have had it good lately, what with the Super Mario Bros themed LEGO sets, and now the Sonic the Hedgehog-themed LEGO sets.
Never seen sonic legos. My favorite legos are the Ninja turtle legos, Pokemon legos and Minecraft.
Lego sets are destroying my funds.
I’ve just built the new Eiffel Tower over Christmas ands it’s epic. Gona have to dismantle it though as nowhere to put it.
The big Nintendo sets which are the nes, ? Block and bowser are really worth it too!
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