Cloud de Final Fantasy 7 estará disponível no primeiro Passe de Temporada do Chocobo Grand Prix, além de bônus de login grátis de 800 Mythril

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Video game company Square Enix are currently busy readying their engines with their upcoming kart racer Chocobo Grand Prix which launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch next month as a full game or a free-to-play version. Those of you who might have been on the fence about the racer should be made aware that Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII will be joining the team as a playable character. However, he will only be available to get via the in-game Season Pass. Before you get too worried, Square Enix has outlined on Twitter that they are giving away 800 Mythril as a log-in bonus for all players, which will buy you the first Season Pass and therefore give you access to the mighty Cloud.
We'll be giving away 800 Mythril (the equivalent of a Prize, or Season, Pass) to all #ChocoboGP players as a login bonus for Season 1, that should be enough to get a certain spiky haired character to join you…

Glad to see Cloud joining the cast of playable characters alongside Vivi, Squall and Mog.
Definitely looks like the cast of playable characters is shaping up.
SE is giving 800 Mythil as a sign in bonus, so basically the season pass is free if i understand correct.
Yes, but that log in bonus is usually limited. So maybe for the first few weeks or months.
I think that’s the point, to drive people into trying it sooner rather than later
If Square Enix adds Tifa Lockhart in the second pass for ChocoboGP, I’m buying it!
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