Coleção Sonic Origins foi “melhor momento para expor novos fãs aos jogos”

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Sonic the Hedgehog has always been an incredibly popular video game character and while his games have been rather hit or miss in recent years, the spiky blue hedgehog popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Both Sonic the Hedgehog movies have been huge successes at the box-office and his latest 3D adventure, Sonic Frontiers, seems to be looking reasonably promising in recent showings and hands-on impressions.
In a recent interview with Sonic Origins producer Nobuya Ohashi, along with director Katsuyuki Shigihara in Weekly Famitsu, the team explained why SEGA decided to release the classic 2D Sonic video game compilation when it did. They explained to the Japanese publication that Sonic has increased in popularity in recent years and that Sonic Origins was the perfect way to introduce new and older fans to his exceptional adventures which were originally found on the SEGA Mega Drive system.
“There had been plans to renew the original Sonic series for a while, but that really took a huge leap forward with the release of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie in 2020. We had often heard about the popularity of Sonic in the west, but following the movie release, it really skyrocketed! You could go to supermarkets in North America and see tons of Sonic goods available.”
“Until now, Sonic remake games/re-releases had always been sold individually, but we decided it was the best time to expose new fans to the games. That’s why we released the first four games together with improvements, and Sonic Origins was born.”
What about Sonic Mega Collection? Sonic Gems Collection? I recall there were always at least two Sonic games in the vast majority of Mega Drive bundle collections… Does this qualify as falsification of history?
I agree! I honestly enjoyed playing Sonic Gems collection when I was younger, I would love if that was remade for the Switch lol.
Yeah same here. I really enjoyed Sonic Gems Collections on my GameCube and I really do love to see the remake version on the Switch or Nintendo’s next gen system.
Those collections are nearly two decades old at this point. The new gamers who were introduced to classic Sonic with those games (myself included) are not part of the demographic they were referring to. The new audience they implied were basically the zoomers who didn’t get the chance to buy Mega or Gems collections.
It’s funny, this now sounds like the same thing that happened with Sonic Jam when Mega Collection released. People claimed that Jam was a better collection than Mega was, but at the end of the day both collections still brought a new audience of gamers to Sonic. All of the collections are good for that same reason imo
Hey Sega team you know what other Sonic Games that you should remake for the current consoles and for the newer generation also ?? How about Sonic Advance 2 Battle, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure DX Director Cut -_- ? These are such obvious fun and Unique Sonic games to remake and bring to current game consoles, I honestly have no clue why this hasn’t happened yet. I bet they would sell well, I would buy them all separately or together lol. I mean, they brought back Sonic Colors so I guess that there is always a chance right 🤞??
Hurry up and port sonic adventure 2 on Nintendo switch. I prefer dreamcast and modern sonic over classic.
Agreed. Both Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 are on Series X|S and look great. Would make for a fun Switch collection.
I would really love that but it never got a chance on Nintendo Switch. It never does. Maybe next gen Nintendo console it will does possibly. Xbox is very lucky.
Apparently they were planning remakes all the way back in 2015, but they decided against it when Sonic Boom failed. Probably dodged a bullet since the current writers and VA’s would be involved in the project, but those games still need a proper remaster with more Chao evos imo.
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