Comemore o Dia Mundial do Cartão Postal com Pikmin Bloom

My Nintendo News
My Nintendo News
World Postcard Day will be celebrated on 1st October 2022, and the tiny plant-like creatures of Pikmin Bloom are the perfect subjects to help you send digital postcards to loved ones, every day of the year. Designed by Niantic Inc. in collaboration with Nintendo, Pikmin Bloom is a smartphone app that allows players to spice up their daily walks with the help of an adorable squad of Pikmin. Flowers bloom with each and every step the player takes, filling the world with shared, colourful trails of plant life.
When players send Pikmin on an expedition, they can come back with a postcard. These are pictures of real places, located near player, that can be sent to friends in-game. Just like classic postcards, memories of wonderful trips or unforgettable summers, these digital mementos can be sent to friends in-game to show off the monuments and landmarks visited during daily walks. Finally, if players stroll around post offices, they will be able to meet Decor Pikmin Postcards – the perfect companions for everyday excursions or new explorations, especially on World Postcard Day.
Grow your Pikmin, make flowers bloom and keep track of your most precious memories, all through the simple act of walking. Pikmin Bloom is available on the App Store and Google Play.
Source: Niantic
Hopefully, at the next Nintendo Direct, they show information of Pikmin 4 and get off this Bloom crap.
I’m not too enchanted with Bloom either, but if it helps justify Pikmin 4 then it’s fine in my view. This franchise has always deserved more attention than it generally gets
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