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With Illumination and Nintendo’s long-awaited The Super Mario Bros. Movie set to make its debut at cinemas tomorrow a large number of reviews have now come rolling in and they are sadly decidedly mixed. The critics seem to be in love with the sublime animation and visual splendour of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but aren’t entirely impressed with the films script and the juvenile jokes. It should be noted though that of all the voice actors in the Super Mario Movie, Jack Black’s portrayal of Bowser seems to have gotten the most nods of approval from the movie critics. Overall the Super Mario Bros. Movie has a score of 54% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 94 critic reviews (8am Wednesday, UK time) and 49 Metascore on Metacritic based on 35 critic reviews.
“This comes from Illumination, a studio that never quite earned the critical cred of rivals like Pixar or Sony, but through their Minions and Sing franchises have certainly figured out how to make millions of family-friendly dollars. You feel that half-term hymn sheet being sung from in the endless peril, the bright colours, the largely unfunny gags, the empty sentiment (“Nothing can hurt us as long as we’re together!”). The studio brings experience and talent; the standard of animation, crisply rendered and richly art-directed, is undeniably high. It’s-a-gonna win many box-office gold coins, no doubt. But the Bob Hoskins version is far more imaginative.” Empire magazine 2/5
“Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. movie fails to hit the top of the goalpost. It succumbs to the lazy animated feature tropes its studio is known for but gets a mushroom power-up through its breathtaking animation and imaginatively directed action set pieces.” Rendy Reviews 2.5/5
“The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a fireball of animated fantasy. Mario, Luigi, and Peach’s adventure delights with its infectious energy and smart implementations of video game callbacks, and the top-shelf animation renders the Mushroom Kingdom as an Oz-like wonderland that begs to be explored in the inevitable sequels that will follow. The assembled voice cast puts a unique spin on each of their characters, but undercooked emotional arcs don’t get the same attention as the aesthetics, something not helped by a paint-by-numbers plot that bafflingly keeps Mario and Luigi away from each other for half the movie. Illumination and Nintendo set out to deliver a Mario movie that anyone could enjoy, and that anyone with even a passing knowledge of the games could get lost in – they’ve undeniably succeeded on both fronts.” IGN 8/10
“At first there are some zany and ingenious panning-right 2D-obstacle sequences pastiching the gameplay action, as if by accident, but once the brothers have left planet Earth, the game dimension has to be repeatedly, cumbersomely and boringly crowbarred into the story itself. And unlike the brilliant Lego Movies, there is a fierce insistence on not being ironic or funny or self-referential about any of this – odd, as screenwriter Matthew Fogel worked on The Lego Movie 2. The only exception, arguably, is when Bowser is seen thoughtfully playing power-ballads on his piano. Even Super Mario superfans might prefer the game.” The Guardian 2/5
“It’s just a shame that the svelte 92-minute runtime means we don’t get much time to linger in this vibrant setting. The story races through locations, character introductions and story threads so quickly that when the final act nears, you can’t help but wish directors Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic had gently nudged the brakes. There are casualties along the way – Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong doesn’t get much of a look-in – but it’s the Mario and Luigi relationship that really suffers. And given how much of the later plot hinges on it, this underdevelopment means one particular pay-off doesn’t hit the required emotional beats.  Horvath and Jelenic do a lot to rewrite Mario’s on-screen legacy, but TSMBM ultimately doesn’t match the lofty genius of Shigeru Miyamoto’s beloved games. Although with all signs pointing to a sequel, there’s plenty of Rainbow Road left for the characters to explore.” 3/5 Total Film magazine
This isn’t good.
Yeah, it’s disappointing. It’s gone up to a 48 score with 54 reviews 9pm UK time.
Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not surprised. I never thought this movie would be a critical darling. Film critics have become increasingly disconnected with movie-goers, and I am much more interested in the reactions of fans who’ve seen it. And those reactions from the premiere and early releases (from folks online and fans who’ve seen the film) are OVERWHELMINGLY positive. I saw lots of folks saying they literally teared up at parts. I think Rotten Tomatoes has overstayed its welcome, it’s time to move in to reactions from viewers and fans in the spotlight, rather than pretentious critics who expected the Super Mario movie to deal with adult themes, via Pixar. No thanks.
I don’t listen to critics. They would rather give boring, long, unfunny movies like Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among thieves a 90% but Super Mario Bros is a 48%? Whatever . They have shown that they know nothing about great movies. I’m rating this movie a 10/10.
Preach on!
I’m also getting sick of Pixar’s BS. Not every film needs to be Inside Out/Coco/The Incredibles/Lightyear/Frozen (I know it’s not Pixar).
Can’t a film just be a fun adventure? Just finished watching this film, and turns out Peach wasn’t as bad as I’d though she’d be. She actually respects Mario, who quickly improves (compared to how incompetent the trailer made him look).
But apart from that, just go see the film.
Both Sonic 1 & 2 have 47 on Metacritic, which to be fair, they’re not masterpieces, but they’re quite enjoyable. I’ve no doubt Mario Movie will be fun enough. Going to see it later today 😀
I think maybe the script and jokes are made for kids under 12 years old to understand not these movie critics.
I would rather watch for myself and form my own opinion
Always the best way!
Agreed 👍
It is critics. Wait for user score. Critics are awful, who listens to these guys anyway!?
no one!
users score is 98% on Rotten :))
Yea, those just started and are mainly people that are going to like it even if Mario was a pile of crap just because it’s Mario.
I love Mario but this movie will end up with I say maybe a 65 and that’s a hard maybe.
Who listens to users? How about form your own opinion. Go watch it or don’t end of story. Me I think it’ll be bad and have said so since the first article released on it. Then Pratt added to it and the fact Illumination did it ( I love minions by the way ). So yea I’ll skip but you do you.
I don’t really think this means much, the opinions of so-called “film critics” mean next to nothing in this day and age tbh. Critics have become less and less reliable throughout the years, The Guardian review in particular sounds extremely out of touch.
Like Natorious said, I’m going to watch it myself and form my own opinion. Not based on a review from some old dude who looks like he’s never touched a Mario game in his life.
One of them literally says the bob hoskin Mario movie is more imagineable compared to the current movie if that doesn’t scream nostalgia bait idk what does 💀💀💀💀
It literally is though and it actually featured both brothers on screen together constantly interacting. The new movie should just have been called the Super Mario movie.
The 90’s Mario movie was a bland, forgettable mess that ripped off the style of films like Blade Runner and similar dystopian set films. It wasn’t original or imaginative in the slightest, just very bizarre from all the incompetent decisions made during production.
And just because Luigi isn’t with Mario throughout the whole film doesn’t mean he isn’t there at all. He’s literally the reason the plot is taking place and the relationship between the brothers is the emotional core of the film. So no, it’s not the “Super Mario movie”, it’s very much a story about the bros.
These won’t change my opinion. I always set my expectations low so I won’t become let down. And I’m Still watching it either way.
Mine either. I’m still going to watch it. the movie is great and will still be a blockbuster. Then these “critics will be looking stupid!
i never take these ratings from critics seriously, if i watch it and i enjoy it then its saying something that these critics dont know how to enjoy a movie. yes this movie is geared towards kids and some of the jokes may not be suitable for adults as in kid jokes are cringy af but sometimes they are pretty funny.
Lol critic reviews, the Sonic movies just barely made it over the fresh line on the website by the movie critics, but it scored extremely well by the audience scores. I’d rather hear the opinion of somebody that has a similar movie taste in me than these old fogies.
Less than 50%? Well, I don’t trust rotten tomatoes, so…
Why would anyone listen to critic, unless they actually shared the same opinion about the same thing. Critics are incredibly harsh people, they usually tend to dislike anything that’s nice, if something is pleasant, mild, or chipper then they usually hate it, they have a very negative stance from there perceptions. But I absolutely love this movie, even without seeing the whole thing. A lot of heart, imagination, and plenty of thought and respect for the fans went into this, I feel Miyamoto is very proud of this, any real fan of Mario will be sharing his love, and his passion for this film. Let’s all go into the cinema with a open heart, and a passionate mind, and let’s all love and enjoy this once in a life time treat! ☺️💖
This won’t stop it from being a smash hit!
It sure won’t. If a dumpster fire movie such as DnD can get good critics scores and still suck at the Box Office. Super Mario Bros fate will be the reverse.
Critics are outdated (sorry mynintendonews staff). The actual customers who go and pay for the movie/product, and spend their recreational time doing so, can give a more accurate picture and they can do it easily on the internet.
This won’t stop anyone from going to see the movie and forming their own opinion.
I never expected an amazing story tbh . I just want something fun and well animated which it looks to be, they’ll be getting my money that’s for sure. We need some more Nintendo movies lots of potential there
||Ambassador Sickr, you should update the headline as the movie now stands at 55% on that website…||
||Comrades, do not listen to the critics, this movie is not ashamed of being a videogame adaptation unlike some other productions, watch, enjoy and remember that the most important opinion is yours…||
Rotten Tomatoes has been losing its touch since they gave Godzilla: King of the Monsters negative review scores, and fans ADORE that movie!
Either Rotten Tomatoes fixes the score by having it go UP like they did with Sonic the Hedgehog 2, or we need a BETTER review site to replace Rotten Tomatoes (if not all of the review sites).
I rather listen to audiences’ reviews than critics’.
When was the last time Rotten Tomatoes has ever accurately reviewed any film? Don’t let these people tell you if it’s good or bad. See the movie and judge for yourself.
Willing to bet most critics aren’t Mario fans. They probably don’t appreciate all the references, they likely don’t know the characters as well as we do, and they’re also probably looking at this as a kids movie even though many adults that grew up with the franchise will appreciate this regardless of the target demographic.
This is about the quality i expected.
I can’t ever say that I was swayed to watch a film based on what a Critic had to say And I mean any kind of critic, from these kind of sites, to YouTubers.. so that holds no weight with me at all. it’s funny to me how the entertainment industry treats aside like rotten tomatoes anyway. when it’s a great review they spread it all over the place, but when it’s a bad review, It’s like the site doesn’t matter to them. very selective.
Furthermore, as people have mentioned this is a movie for the fans of the games and fans of video games. I don’t expect the same people that supposedly review all these Prestige Oscar contenders, to get what this movie is about or who it’s for. it’s just not their wheelhouse. Of course I have my own issues with the film, from what I’ve heard and what I’ve seen but I’m still going to watch it.
Audience scores are starting to go up now, and so far it’s at 98% with 50+ reviews. Tells you all you need to know… me and my sister plan on seeing it this weekend, first movie I’ll be seeing in theaters in years in fact, and I expect we’ll have a good time watching it.
I’m not gonna trust a review site that gave terminator dark fate and ghostbusters 2016 a high ranking.
It was always pretty clear that the draw of this film would be the visuals and audio, not the story. Film reviews are not like game reviews, this score is absolutely adequate for what this film needs to do.
They aren’t reviewers. They are “critics”. They can only provide their own point of view. They can’t speak for an entire audience unless you think every film critic has equal love for every length and genre of movies.
Critics are just a scam these days. Think about it: their original job was just to go see a movie (or play a game) before their readers did. This let the reader decide if they wanted to see the movie or not (or play the game or not).
But now you can go online and get many, many customer reviews, impressions, and even clips of the movie or game. There’s no need for their to be a “critic” position in modern entertainment now.
It’s made even more obsolete now due to the greater variety of content available to us today. No critic is going to love every type of game or movie. It’d be like having someone be a fruit critic. They don’t like strawberries? “We give Strawberries a 4/10 – Too many seeds.”
Best videogame movie ever!!
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