Comparação visual entre diferentes versões de Mortal Kombat 1

My Nintendo News
My Nintendo News
Mortal Kombat 1 has launched on the Nintendo Switch family of systems this week and it is a demanding game as you will have seen from the trailers. YouTube channel, ElAnalistaDeBits, has done a comprehensive comparison between the Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck and PlayStation 5 along with a Mortal Kombat 1 Switch performance & tech review from SkillUp. A number of adjustments and compromises have been made to get the intensive fighting game running on Nintendo’s older hardware. You can see how Mortal Kombat runs on Nintendo Switch down below.
Gamecube vs modern gaming hahaha wtf.
This game wasn’t released on the GameCube.
If you think GameCube games looked like they’d I’d recommend you contact your local eye care center for an emergency visit. Thoughts and prayers for you 🙏
How come articles can mention PlayStation, but if anyone mentions it in the comments everyone gets all huffy
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