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Crunchy Roll, the popular anime streaming service, has announced that it has released its app for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. Crunchy Roll joins Funimation in providing an app for the Nintendo Switch, while big players such as Netflix and Prime Video, have yet to bring apps to the Switch. If you are a Mega Fan and Ultimate Fan subscriber for Crunchy Roll you will also be able to enjoy offline viewing on the Switch app. If you wish to download the Crunchy Roll app simply head to the Nintendo eShop.
There’s a new way to watch anime 🌟 Crunchyroll now available on @NintendoAmerica Switch ✨

Thanks to Greatsong1 for sending in the news tip!

She has a gigantic TV in front of her, but decides to watch on the tiny Switch screen instead. 🤔
Seems legit.
That’s a nice feature for The Switch, considering a large portion of gamers are most likely otakus or have an interest in anime. Personally i love anime, been a YU-GI-Oh fan sence before it was cool.
Its always been cool, I remember everyone at school running around with Blue Eyed White Dragon cards and Dark Magicians.
That’s cool for anime fans who want to watch anime on the go now on their Switches
Now the only thing left is netflix and a browser, I feel like we might never get a bowser due to nintendo wanting everything to be simplifed on the switch.
The browser is how to get more current CFW on most things now, I feel like thats why we wont get one anymore.
Ahh that’s true
Gotta love your animes.
Nintendo doesn’t need an Internet browser, because “most” own a Pc or iphone. Not to mention you can hack alot of microsoft software and Nintendo is trying to avoid piracy.
Although The Switch doesn’t have an Internet browser application, technically you can access the web from Nintendo Switch. With it’s hidden web browser.
Select system setting from the dashboard
Select Internet > Internet setting
Select your current wi-fi connection, to access it’s information page then select change setting.
Scroll down and select DNS setting
Change the DNS setting from automatic to manual
6 Set primary DNS
Select save to connect to The Switch DNS page
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