Dataminer encontra um mapa do mundo Splatoon na demo Splatfest World Premier

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By now, you’re probably aware of the Splatoon 3 Splatfest World Premier that is happening this weekend. A demo for it has launched in advance, and unsurprisingly, dataminers have already been hard at work trying to see what may be hidden in the demo’s files.
Sure enough, the dataminers did manage to find something interesting. It has been discovered that there is a texture of an official map of the world of Splatoon. You can see a tweet relaying news of the discovered world map, including an image of the map itself, down below.
huge day for splat lore fans…
feast your eyes upon the first ever *OFFICIAL* map of the Splatoon world.

texture extracted from Ammo Knights, BIG thanks to judas @RAMDRAGONS for snagging it for me
Hmm… That geography looks familiar…
Well yeah it’s always been post apocalyptic earth, we just didn’t know what state it was in
I was being facetious…
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