Dê uma olhada nas tribos de Horizon Forbidden West, incluindo Utaru e Tenakth

New video shows the mysterious lands and customs of some of the new tribes you’ll visit in February.
The next chapter of Aloy’s story begins on February 18, and as she crosses into the frontier of the Forbidden West, she will encounter tribes both strange and familiar. From the border settlements of the Carja and Oseram, to the blighted fields of the Utaru in Plainsong, to the battle-worn Clan Lands of the Tenakth, new alliances and deadly enemies await.

Join us as we take a closer look at the denizens of the frontier, their lands, and their customs – but do not expect to learn all their secrets. As Aloy will discover, the only way to unravel the mysteries of the Forbidden West is to explore it for yourself.

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Wonderful trailer 🧐
I love the excitement and build-up to release of Forbidden West, but I don’t want to read or view anything about it. I want to see everything while I am playing and enjoying the world, story, characters and game play that has been created.
Dang, the environments look so diverse and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. I feel like this game is going to be something truly amazing. 43 days left until I have no life 😉
Wow I just pre orederd yesterday that game is gonna be game of the year
One of the reasons to have a PS5 I love PS Studios Games
Please announce the release date of the pc version. Stop lying.
Rumors say after six months. Many will wait for the PC version.
Keep crying butthurt xbot. 🤡
This game ain’t coming to PC for another 3-4 years 😬
Colors and (weather) effects are so beautiful on PS5 <3
Perfect opportunity to make a Horizon multiplayer game called, and in the vein of, Tribes.. rebooting that franchise too.
Dang, they delayed this game because of a vr sitting simulator.
It also has been feeling like the only game they talk about is horizon.
How many ps5-only games do we get in 2022? Three?
VR game is developed by Firesprite 🤡
I have come to learn as of recently that the Collector’s Edition for Horizon Forbidden West will include a physical Steelcase book but no physical game. That doesn’t make much sense in my opinion. I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition a while back but with no physical copy in this Collector’s Edition I will be canceling my pre-order for the Launch Edition instead. I really hope you guys can change this and please fans by including a physical copy in the Collector’s Edition before launch day. It’s already an expensive purchase that includes an empty steel case, so why not just include the physical disc in that case. Again, I hope this changes before launch day or I will be canceling my Collector’s pre-order.
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