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Dead by Daylight has welcomed no shortage of horror icons into The Fog, to the point where many have come to view the game as the ultimate horror experience. There are characters from classic films and legendary gaming franchises, but never has an actor been pulled into The Fog.
But that moment has come. And of course, who else could it be but Nicolas Cage, playing a fictionalized version of himself?
You know him well. A legend with over one hundred film credits to his name, Nick Cage has seen it all and done it all. Yet never did he anticipate that upon taking a role in the film Descend Beyond, he’d find himself falling into the clutches of The Entity, forced to live out an eternity of endless Trials alongside co-stars that may or may not be hellbent on hanging him from a meat hook.
You’ve watched him – now you can become him. Play Dead by Daylight: Nicolas Cage to step into the thespian’s shoes, and enjoy three brand-new character Perks that open the door for engaging new gameplay. And what are those Perks, you ask?
With Dramaturgy, allow your instincts to take over during moments of heightened intensity. You might not be able to predict the outcome, but that’s what makes it so thrilling, right?
Every actor needs a Scene Partner. When using this Perk, staring at the Killer will grant you a deeper insight into their process, allowing you to better anticipate their next move.
Finally – a Plot Twist in the third act can really breathe new life into film and Trial alike. Use your second-to-none acting ability to get deeper into character than ever before, making a bold decision that’s as risky as it is rewarding.  
The arrival of Nicolas Cage in the world of Dead by Daylight is nothing if not extraordinary, and so we’ve created a unique DLC pack befitting the legendary actor and his iconic style. Players will receive the Nicolas Cage Survivor along with the Very Rare Gorgon Drip Outfit, and the exclusive Teal Jacket for USD $9.99. Nicolas Cage and the Gorgon Drip Outfit will also be available for purchase individually in the Dead by Daylight in-game store.   
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