Designer de personagens de Xenoblade Chronicles 3 desenha arte especial para o primeiro aniversário

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Masatsugu Saito, who is a well known character artist for a range of iconic franchises such as the Xenoblade series, has celebrated the 1st anniversary of Monolith Soft’s magical RPG adventure Xenoblade Chronicles 3 by drawing a new sketch of the off-seer, Mio. You can read our review of the latest game in the series, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, right here and the game along with its Expansion Pass are available on the Nintendo eShop.
Xenoblade3 1st anniversary congratulations!
Cool! Any chance the artist will do the other characters?
I’m not sure, but it would be awesome if he did!
Agreed 💯
I love the concept art for the 1st anniversary, they did an amazing job on the amount of detail.
Crazy to think that Masatsugu Saito used to be a programmer at SEGA (he worked on Jet Set Radio & Yakuza 2).
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