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Greetings, Guardians. Today we celebrate the launch of Destiny 2: Lightfall, the latest chapter in Destiny 2’s Light and Darkness Saga, along with Season of Defiance. With an all-new campaign, new destination, new activities, new rewards, and more, we thought you’d want to know everything that’s happening.  Let’s dive in.
As light falls, our end begins. The Witness and Calus, its newest Disciple, are rapidly approaching, and with them, the newly formed Shadow Legion. Your mission as a Guardian is to rally new allies, weave new powers into your arsenal, and give it everything you’ve got to help save humanity. The tools you’ll unlock during the campaign are plucked from the threads of consciousness themselves. Introducing Strand.
New Power: Strand
Strand is the latest power to come to Destiny 2. Throughout the campaign, you’ll unlock new abilities that allow you to manipulate reality and pluck at the cosmic web binding us all. When we introduce a new power, we want to make sure it’s brand new and unique to the game. We can confidently say that Strand is unlike anything that’s been in the Destiny universe.
With new power comes new responsibilities. Whether you’re a Warlock summoning Threadlings from thin air, a Hunter gracefully gliding into battle, or a Titan smashing any and everything in your way, one thing is clear: You’ll need to master your new abilities to defend Neomuna and protect your new allies. And with more Fragments and Aspects for Strand to unlock after beating the campaign, we can’t wait to see how you build around these new powers.
Legendary Campaign
For Guardians looking for a challenge, we have some great news. The Legendary Mode we debuted in The Witch Queen returns for Lightfall! Test your skills and be rewarded with gear fit for legends. When you complete the Legendary Mode campaign, you’ll be ready to dive headfirst into the raid launching March 10.
New Exotics
If you thought we wouldn’t have new Exotics to liven up your arsenal, you thought wrong. Feast your eyes on some of the exciting Exotic weapons and gear up for grabs:
Each of these brings something unique to the table, and we can’t wait to see how you mix and match them.
Neomuna Nights
A hidden neon metropolis unlike anything you’ve seen in Destiny 2, Neomuna is where the story of Lightfall begins, and where you’ll fight against the Shadow Legion and come face to face with towering Tormentors. To save humanity, you’ll need to team up with Cloud Striders and push back the Shadow Legion as they wreak havoc on Neomuna.
New Activity: Terminal Overload
The Shadow Legion and the Vex are conducting an all-out assault on the city. Put an end to their destruction in this new public activity on Neptune. Team up with your fellow Guardians and stop Vex from opening Vex Portals to flood Neomuna with their forces. Sounds easy? Think again because Shadow Legion strike teams are trying to capture these portals for themselves. You’ll need all the help you can get in repelling both factions and defending Neomuna.
Seasonal Story
The story of Lightfall continues in Season of Defiance. The Vanguard calls upon its closest allies. The Guardian must master the righteous powers of the Awoken to stand against the encroaching Shadow Legion and prove themselves as Queensguard.
New Activity: Defiant Battlegrounds
Guardians will traverse the EDZ, the Cosmodrome, and a Shadow Legion prison ship in search of Pyramid outposts. They’ll need to tear a portal into the Ascendant Plane using the Seasonal artifact, fight back Taken and the Shadow Legion, find missing captives, and prepare a ritual that will allow the Techeuns to open a gateway to safety.
Defiance Drip
You know we had to come correct with tools fit for defying the odds. Throughout the Season, we have new Legendary armor and weapons up for grabs, along with Verglas Curve, a new Exotic Bow. Load up your bow with Ice Arrows after every final blow and send them flying to create Stasis shards and freeze nearby targets. Crash the party and break the ice by picking up the Season Pass to instantly unlock the daring new weapon.
Guardian Games
A little competition never hurt anybody. Band together with your fellow Guardians and show the other classes why yours is the most dominant during the annual Guardian Games event later this Season.
Glaives Out
Can you spot the imposter? Starting today, Bungie has teamed up with Among Us for a special collaboration. Make sure to check out all the new Destiny 2-themed cosmetics available in Among Us, including items inspired by Mara Sov, Osiris, Saint-14, Shaxx, and more. Find out who done it in style today.
As much as you think you’re prepared for the end, think again. The Witness and Calus have one thing on their mind: total annihilation. If you and your fellow Guardians can rally together, we might be able to beat the odds and push back the Shadow Legion.
Take your mission to the next level with new Destiny 2-themed Dynamic Backgrounds available today. Just head into your background settings, select the dynamic background you want, and sit back and enjoy the view.
Destiny 2: Lightfall and Season of Defiance are available today. We hope you enjoy playing, and we can’t wait to see you swinging through those Neomuna streets.



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