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Devolver Digital and Deconstructeam’s latest game, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, is a must-play for fans of narrative adventures. Featuring a diverse cast of characters and themes such as identity and community, this Tarot-like card game is set to release on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in 2023. The game follows Fortuna, a Witch exiled on an asteroid, as she tries to regain her freedom and uncover a political plot that threatens the Cosmic Witch society. With a spellbinding story, arcane deck building, enchanting visuals, and original music by composer fingerspit, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is not to be missed.
Introducing ‘The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood’ from @Deconstructeam, the creators of The Red Strings Club!

A thought-provoking narrative about a witch living in exile on an asteroid who crafts her own tarot cards to determine the fate of her coven.

Nintendo Switch + PC | 2023
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