Digital Trends revela seus vinte jogos favoritos do Mario de todos os tempos

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With the The Super Mario Bros. Movie from Illumination and Nintendo making its debut in cinemas this week, a number of sites have decided to publish their all-time favourite Mario games. The latest one to shoulder the burden is Digital Trends, who have delved through the numerous Mario games of the past and have produced a reasonably solid list. It is good to see the excellent Nintendo 3DS game, Super Mario 3D Land, get the recognition it deserves. What do you make of Digital Trends choices?
“Making the jump from side-scrolling 2D to 3D platforming for Super Mario 64 was a risky move for Nintendo and the Mario series, but it succeeded in a way few other games ever had. Mario’s running, jumping, and flipping translates perfectly to the Nintendo 64’s polygonal visual style, with creative levels encouraging exploration and problem-solving in addition to traditional platforming.
Super Mario 64 is one of the few 3D platformers from the 64-bit era that has aged gracefully, and it’s just as playable in 2019 as it was when the Nintendo 64 launched more than two decades earlier, especially now that it was included in the 3D All-Stars pack. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that it was the first mainline Mario game to star Charles Martinet — a role that has been iconic ever since.”
I wish people made honest lists. There’s no world where the first Super Mario Bros is at #6 and the Gameboy games are at the very bottom. It’s not really a compliment to say the first game is that good. I mean… imagine being Nintendo. This list ranking would be like saying, “Of the 19 Mario games you released after the first game, only 5 were actually improvements. The rest were worse than your first attempt.”
This top listy is stupid. Every of there mario games is awesome!!!
The only stupid thing is, how every few days some website reveals their top X list for something. Apparently they have nothing better they can do besides write list.
Here’s my top five. Disclaimer, I’m leaving out Mario Maker games because they would otherwise be at the top of my list and I don’t want nearly half of my list being a questionable spin-off.
1) Bowsers Fury
2) Mario Galaxy
3) Mario Odyssey
4) Mario 64
5) Mario 3D World
I never really liked Super Mario 64–I can think of a half dozen others I would reach for first. No big deal though–lists are just opinions and we’re entitled to have our own lists with our favorites.
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