Diretor de Sonic Frontiers agradece aos fãs pelo voto do Player's Voice e diz que eles vão se sair ainda melhor no próximo jogo

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Sonic Frontiers may have lost out on the Player’s Voice award at this week’s The Game Awards 2022, but the game’s director, Morio Kishimoto, has said on Twitter that he is immensely thankful to the fans that it was nominated. He says that nominated for the award has inspired the team to push themselves harder and do even better with the next Sonic the Hedgehog game from the Sonic Team. He also took time to thank the other staff who worked on Sonic Frontiers.
“We made the TGA Players’ Voice Top 5! Thanks to all of you for your support! It’s a great start for the third generation. I’m so happy! I am convinced that this result will be a great impetus for the next one. I promise you an even greater emotional and surprising experience. Finally, I would like to thank all the staff involved in this project.”
TGA Players’ Voiceのベスト5入りを果たしました!これも皆さんの応援のおかげです!第三世代のスタートは上出来です。嬉しいです!この結果は次回作の大きな原動力になると確信しています。さらに大きな感動と驚きの体験を約束します。最後にこのプロジェクトに関わった全てのスタッフに感謝します。
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That promise doesn’t mean much to me. Time and again they’ve proven they’re more interested in meeting the deadline rather than having a quality product. But hey, actions speak louder than words. If they can take the time to make a polished game from here on out I’ll start buying Sonic games again. I’m a fan of the games when an effort is put in, but I refuse to buy a lackluster game like Sonic Frontiers. All the glitches and pop in tells me the company just didn’t give the team the time to finish the project, again…
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