Dysmantle será lançado no PS4 e PS5 amanhã

Enjoy the bittersweet apocalypse along your journey to escape a doomed island.
“As you ascend from your shelter after the long long years, a brave new old world awaits you. A world inhabited with nasty and vile creatures. A world with no other human soul to be seen. A world with nature in its reigns now. A world that’s about to get even worse.”
This is how Dysmantle begins. The world might be getting worse, but the team at 10tons wants you to be able to  relax and enjoy it.
Post-apocalyptic survival games are usually dark and grim, but we wanted to do something different. If you are tired of starving to death in a bleak landscape, you can start Dysmantling! Your basic action is to tear down everything you see. Might be you need a bigger hammer for that sweet radiator you found, but eventually you’ll get them all.
In true post-apocalyptic fashion, you’ll have to sometimes run or fight for your life.
In addition to dismantling everything, there’s a lot more you can do. You can fish, farm, explore, fight, craft, build, hunt, cook, and even tame animals. You can build a completely satisfying and relaxing post-apocalyptic life inside Dysmantle.
Personally I enjoy fishing in real life. And there are many opportunities for that in Dysmantle, too. You’ll obviously need a fishing rod first. There are a few additional items you can craft, but after that it’s mostly about finding the best locations. After reeling catches in, you can cook up powerful items with the rarer fish. 
No trolling allowed – either on the internet or with a fishing line…
In addition to fishing, you can also tame animals (which isn’t a skill yours truly possesses). In Dysmantle you can befriend the animals running around the wilderness with the skill Animal Friend. Each skill level makes the animals less and less afraid of you, and also unlocks some new interaction features.
You can also craft animal treats to feed the animals. Once fed, you might find you’ve become quite popular with the animals as they follow you around. You can expand your selection of animal treats, and can lead a whole flock wherever you fancy.
These are just two of many post-apocalyptic leisures you can do in Dysmantle. There’s also local co-op, so you can enjoy all these activities with a friend. Maybe you both have a following soon.
We’re also happy to say that the game will be in great shape when it arrives on PS4 and PS5. We’ve developed the game in “early access” mode on PC for over a year and we’re ever-thankful to our early access players. We’re so proud to be releasing the robust PlayStation version , which already has all the bells, whistles, and polish. 
Dysmantle is a new type of game from the 10tons team: A vast open world with dozens of hours of gameplay. It took us four years to get here and we’re happy with the result and we hope you enjoy it too!

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Game looks really intriguing, I’m in!
First Bethesda. Now Activision. How will Sony respond?
Probably by bringing former exclusives to pc immediately and charging us more for it.
By releasing more games on PC. Even Sony doesn’t care about PS5 anymore.
On-topic, game looks great, will check it.
Exactly. All the time and money they have wasted away the past 2 years bringing their games to PC, with TEN PERCENT the sales the games got on PS4 years ago, is utterly pointless.
Its really come back to bite them now. Should have spent millions on ANYTHING else than DOAloop timed exclusivity lol.
Damn Jim Ryan and Herman Hulst already.
Did you get GoW on PC, Ands?
By continuing to cultivate creativity the right way, with honorable studios they have a deep working relationship with.
Activision lol. I love how Microsoft condemned them and threatened to end the relationship due to the despicable sexual misconduct and discrimination yet they acquire them and they WILL KEEP BOBBY KOTICK. Microsoft are the biggest den of liars in the industry you can never believe a word they say. This is proof that Phil Spencer is a fraud.
Microsoft is a slime ball company who bought Activision at a time when the company is under attack for egregious sexual harassment and discrimination bc it made the acquisition CHEAPER. Unbelievable.
U absolute clowns who are applauding this and denigrating Sony should be ashamed of yourselves. After the Bethesda acquisition which only serves to hurt the majority of gamers by taking their games away was cheered I would hope that ppl would have the sense to criticize the slimy acquisition of the most frowned upon publisher in the industry but instead u attack Sony? What type of upside down world do I live in? And they are keeping Bobby Kotock lol!
I have an XB Series but even if I didn’t I wouldn’t care at all. CoD and Overwatch? No thanks. I’m actually happy they bought Activision. I was worried they would buy an actual publisher that was decent and ruin them. Activision already makes garbage, now these two scummy companies can create garbage together. No harm for me but I feel bad for the kids on PlayStation who enjoy this trash because now it might be taken away.
BTW, Sony purchased I think six studios last year. All of whom had a deep working relationship with Sony. They did it the right way and they will continue to do so. The fools who claim that Jim Ryan isn’t investing money into new studios or IP are simply lying to themselves. Housemarque, Blue Point, Firesprite, Valkyrie, Nixxes, and more. Deals with new studios/publishers like Deviation, Haven, Firewalk, C’mon. They purchased a share of Devolver. Sony has been extremely busy and investing heavily. Microsoft is one of the richest companies in the world. Sony can’t just go out there and purchase literally the biggest publishers in the industry nor would they operate like that. It’s terrible for the industry. People criticize Tencent and Embracer but what Microsoft is doing is far worse because they are taking games away from people.
You have been attacking anything related to Activision over the past few weeks. You claimed to be mortified by the actions of the publisher and CEO Bobby Kotick yet all you have to say in response is some nonsense about 4 year old God of War on PC?
You absolutely trash Activision and Bobby Kotick on the regular yet your response to the acquisition is to troll Sony about extremely old games coming to PC?
U ppl are truly disappointing not just in terms of the gaming industry but for mankind in general. Your response is to attack Sony after Microsoft goes against its word and actually acquires the publisher they claimed they would stop working with in the midst of sexual misconduct and discrimination lawsuits because they were able to get a cheaper price. Sad world.
“Sony doesn’t care about PS5 anymore”.
Horizon Forbidden West
Gran Turismo 7
Babylon’s Fall
Salt & Sacrifice
Little Devil Inside
God of War Ragnarok
Final Fantasy XVI
PSVR2 + Horizon CotM
Those are some of the 2022 exclusives. Off the top of my head. Oh, and Spartacus this spring. How does the Xbox 2022 exclusives list match up? When is the next XB exclusive? How about Nintendo? Nobody has a more stacked lineup and PS5 has easily outclassed XBS in terms of games.
PS5 matters so much to Sony that they started production on chip manufacturing facilities so they can better meet demand in the future. They are literally building plants to create more chips. It absolutely kills Sony that they can’t even come close to meeting the all-time high demand currently for the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately they did not create a toy version of the PS5 like Microsoft did with the series s including much cheaper and more readily available parts. It would have been far worse for actual gaming but at least it would have put consoles in people’s homes.
It’s hilarious to see how people are spinning the Activision acquisition just days after they were denigrating Activision as the scummiest company in the industry. Every blog post I see people making fun of Call of duty as well but now you guys love the acquisition LOL.
This one is for tylers fake azz.
Are any of those games you listed ps5-only? HahaHa. Forspoken – which looks like some garbage tyler would create, is going master race. Try to defend them and their price on steam discussions 😁, see what happens.
Acti is scummy because they’re being run under the sold soul of kotick. Different owners = a different way to do business. It’s a good thing because koticks D. A. won’t step down.
How about you not be butt-hurt about the situation, because your CoD and candy crush are going xbox, and accept that it’s a good thing for the industry. Unless, of-course you share the same morals as kotick and would rather have some other, worse, outcome.
Did you ever pick up GoW for PC? Geez.
It is not the beginning of the end, but rather the beginning of a brighter gaming industry future.
This is the absolute perfect opportunity for Playstation to renew the entire gaming industry into what it should be about.
Full fledged masterpieces of games beloved by all the gaming industry.
Microsoft can buy all the corporations they want, they cannot buy passion, talent, creativity, at the end, just like all their franchises, are nothing more than hollow shells of their former selves.
So, it’s time for Playstation and Jim Ryan to start creating New Studios in the same cities as those big time studios, take All of the Disgruntled employees who were mistreated and their passion project of games were wasted in favor of greedy profits and put their talent to create masterpieces for Playstation.
Game Pass will collapse under it’s own weight, they aren’t going to get the revenue they need without massively increasing the price where most people will jump off Or there will just be Less games being made where everyone will blame Microsoft for their greed. I’ve checked the numbers and with the best highest estimates and it’s not looking good.
So, you’re just not going to speak to me anymore, Ands? 😤, 😢
Very interesting point CommandingTiger! I’m sure the GamePass price will have to rise akin to Netflix to keep everyone at Microsoft (and their studios) well funded and happy.
🤡 Tyler
Looks fun, i will be getting this as soon as its released.
Super fun, chill game, been playing on PC for a while… wish cross save was a thing, I’d buy it again on PS5 🙁
yeh same im about half way in on PC to unlock the map on the latest release i did complete all i could on beta access, and i agree if this game had cross save yeh i would be into buying and switching between ps5 and pc that would be a great feature
p.s. its a full chill out game which if your not careful you can die from falling into water or eaten by a pack of wolves
Looks like a great game! Also, there is a typo for the title of the game in the last paragraph of the article 🙂
Been watching some gameplay on YouTube looks fun..I’ll sure be getting it.
Multiplayer by any chance, local co-op or online? Either way, will be getting this!
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I’d like to pre-order it, but on the Canadian PS store it’s only as ‘Announced’.
Lol did he really say sony does not care abot ps5 anymore…he must really be upset that he either cant find a ps5 or cant afford one…im sorry but believe me its at the top of ther list maybe read the news on futer updates or games set for release…stop hating at least you have a Xbox…lol i know stop picking on the budget gamers…im sorry
Right! I’ve bought 4 PS5s at retail, you’re out there but certainly not gonna land onto your laps.
First Bethesada now Activision what then? Ubisoft or Squarenix? And here sony giving exclusives to pc with better graphic improvements than PS5. What the heck is happening here. Why sony is quiet for this long. This arragonce gonna end the sony…. well done Jim Ryan and the team….
You’re whining about filler content from two publishers on the downward spiral; thus, I don’t see your point. It’s a blatant move by M$ to beef up Gamepass to keep with the competition in regards to gaming subscriptions. 😆
Sony is expected to lose much more money from this deal. They’ve already lost $20b in value from the announcement of this deal, alone.
They have to be thinking what they’re going to do when their agreements run out.
Problem is, everything they need to do will cost more money.
Tyler and andrew will probably be let go.
This seems like a singular and memorable experience; I’m hyped and ready for tomorrow.
We are here Sony and we love you! Microsoft will become the greed of games in the future, it’s their whole plan to have every single game with a paywall behind it. Another scummy BigTech company ruining lives and creative gaming. We need Sony to save the gaming industry. Oh, and also PSVR2 😍!!!!!
90% of games have a paywall anyway.
$60-$70 isn’t free.
Playstation is the leading ruiner of video games.
Do you even know what greed means?
Gt7 is $70, the real horizon is $1/month on xbox-PC?
Crazy people these days.
Where are you picking up game pass for a dollar a month? As I am paying £10 per month
Might be a u.s. thing.
yasink – it’s not a buck a month, they are knowing for lying frequently.
$1/month for first 3 months; $10 after that.
Don’t worry about Jisat, he follows me everywhere, like a true fan, unlike tyler, who just follows me every now and then 😔.
you whine in 99% of the blog posts with almost 9 or more each time. is your home life ok, do you need help?
You whine about your socks, Freakenstein.
Microsoft NOW OWNS ACTIVISION! Fact – Microsoft is 5 times bigger than SONY. Now, it appears they are tired of PUNY SONY and ready to ROLL them! As Sony is ran by IDIOTS, they will have NO response. JUST DIE!
Cool! When will it come out, and what’s the Price and Age Rating?
I’m a ship jumper to the Series X.
Sorry but the 2 garbage games given per month are rarely anything I’m interested in & the gold mine Microsoft has to play with their monthly plan is better in every way.
Add in backwards compatibility & imo it’s the way to go forward. The MAJORITY of my co-workers have all moved to Xbox as well. I’m selling my PS4 & my physical games this week & it’ll end up costing me $200 to have upgraded to the new Xbox console. Sony just dropped the ball hard this time around. Maybe next round Sony will take it back, but the clear winner this round is Microsoft. No hate to Sony but they got too greedy trying to get you to re-buy the old catalog of games. I don’t even own an old Xbox but I can STILL play their huge catalog of games with their monthly pass. What better time to jump ship & play an INSANE amount of games for basically free?
There you go. Escape the greed swamp. I think you might be happier if you can afford a good PC, but anything is better than what PS has become.
Go buy an Xbox and quit crying about xbox destruction its impending on Playstation…. it’s not that bad people go buy some tissue for those salty tears if you can’t afford an xbox 🙃
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