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Hello to all the cool cats and kittens reading this blog post right now. My name is Grace Bruxner, I’m the creative director of Frog Detective which was made with our studio Worm Club. You might be thinking, “This is a weird game for Xbox PC Game Pass to be promoting…” and you’d be right. However, it’s also a masterpiece and the best game ever made (don’t fight me on that), so I thought I’d give you a run down on what the series is all about.
Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery has you playing as the world’s second best investigator. Question suspects, find clues, look through your (allegedly useless) magnifying glass and solve three thrilling mysteries. The first mystery is a bite-sized conundrum, with Frog Detective heading to a remote island which has been plagued with reports of a very spooky ghost. Is there really a supernatural force at play, or is there perhaps something even more sinister going on? Or (more likely) nothing sinister at all. Experience the silliness that made Frog Detective into a modern indie classic.
Hot off the case, Frog Detective has no time to rest! It’s time to solve The Case of the Invisible Wizard, which has our polite mannered detective whisked away to Warlock Woods, where a parade has been ruined right before it’s about to start. Featuring mind-blowing new notebook technology, and the introduction of an iconic character, Frog Detective: the Entire Mystery is even more action packed than the first adventure.
The third and final case, Corruption at Cowboy County, is Frog Detective’s biggest yet. Fans have been asking for years for this conclusion, and we’ve made it worth the wait. Jam-packed with laughs, twists, spooks and shocks, the third case is the pinnacle of what Frog Detective can be. You’ll start by making your way to Cowboy County, where Frog Detective has been asked to help find a sheriff for the town. On arrival, the case has already been solved, and it seems like the fun is over before it’s begun. Not to worry though, as the new Sheriff has a task for the Detective—solving the first real crime that society has ever seen. But something is amiss here… Can you figure out what’s wrong before it’s too late?
All three cases are scored masterfully by the wonderful Dan Golding. The soundtrack is so magnificent that it makes me self-conscious about the rest of the game’s quality in comparison, but I’ve been assured that all three cases are a delight to play. Frog Detective can be played by yourself, but we recommend bringing some friends over and sitting on the couch together to play, reading out the dialogue and performing as you go.
If that sounds fun to you, then you can play Frog Detective: the Entire Mystery right now with Game Pass for PC.
I hope you love our silly adventures, and I’m so thrilled to be able to introduce the game to a new audience!

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