Espalhe alegria por Tamriel durante o New Life Festival de The Elder Scrolls Online

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Unwrap event-specific rewards and enjoy bonus XP as you make merry and celebrate New Life during The Elder Scrolls Online’s end-of-year event.
’Tis the season in Tamriel! The New Life Festival in-game event is now live, allowing you to spread holiday cheer throughout Nirn and earn a bounty of in-game goodies and collectibles as you do.
To get started, pick up the starter quest titled “The New Life Festival” from the in-game Crown Store and make your way to the New Life Herald Breda’s tent, found in Windhelm, Eastmarch. Complete the starter quest and you’ll receive Breda’s Bottomless Mead Mug, which grants a festive +100% XP buff for two hours during the event period.
Once you’ve completed the starter quest, you’ll then unlock 10 additional daily quests from both Breda and the nearby Petronius Galenus, sending you to all four corners of Tamriel to spread holiday cheer. As bonus rewards for helping to get Tamriel into the holiday spirit, each time you complete a daily quest, you’ll receive a New Life Festival Box. These cheery containers can reward you with a host of festive items, including furnishings, motif pages, writs, fun consumable toys, and the brand-new Evergreen Armor Style.
Spread merriment across all of Tamriel, get bonus in-game collectibles and other rewards — easy! The New Life Festival in-game event is now live until Tuesday, January 3, 2023, at 10 a.m. EST. For all the details, including information on our in-game Gifting promotion that is also running at the same time, visit Have fun and happy holidays!
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