Europa: Recompensa do conjunto de pôsteres do Nintendo 64 agora disponível no My Nintendo

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Every once in a blue moon, Nintendo adds a new physical reward to the My Nintendo service, with the latest being a three poster set featuring artwork of some of the most iconic Nintendo 64 games.
Each of the posters, Mario Kart 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and StarFox 64, are printed on 70 x 50cm “glossy and high quality” 200g/m² paper. The reward, exclusively available in Europe, costs 500 Platinum points, which shouldn’t be too difficult to earn if you haven’t yet completed all the missions. Shipping is set at £1.99 EUR in the United Kingdom, £3.99 EUR in Germany, and £6.99 EUR for the rest of Europe. If you add £20 EUR worth of items from the My Nintendo Store to your order, you can qualify for free shipping.
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This is cool and that, but I’m not really one to do what’s required to earn the platinum points. If Nintendo could allow you to transfer gold points then that will be better
The points are actually easy to obtain if you play one of the apps or do some of the web activities listed in the earned I still don’t know how I have nine hundred and some platinum points.
I’d love to have that OoT one in my room.
Mario Kart 64 poster will look great in my room.
I wish the North American one was giving these away too. It would be the first time in years I’ve used my points.
I have like nine hundred and some points, but yeah na has the bare minimum compared to NOJ and NOE, it’s weird because they always update the digital wallpaper/screensaver area
I don’t know how many points I have, but i am planning to check that out later. speaking of it, Nintendo used to give away stuff back then,. but now not sure if they still do it.
I would actually keep track of my points if it wasn’t just things like discounts on games I will rarely ever get when the deal is there. Club Nintendo had some great rewards, I still use my 3DS game case from it.
My Nintendo News
Nintendo Latest News
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