Everybody 1-2-Switch será lançado no final deste mês

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You may remember that, last year, Nintendo had revealed Kirby’s Dream Buffet by suddenly confirming it on Twitter. They had also done a similar reveal a few years ago when they officially announced Paper Mario: The Origami King. So, stealth reveals aren’t a new thing for Nintendo.
That said, you may still be surprised to hear that Nintendo randomly announced a game tonight. Everybody 1-2-Switch has been announced, and it will be releasing on June 30th. Nintendo of America tweeted the news, so you can see their official announcement tweet down below.
#Everybody12Switch is coming to #NintendoSwitch on 6/30.

Pre-order now:
Nobody ask for this 😭.
Just want to say I’m so sorry for sounding negative but it seems like they put actually no effort in advertising this game as well like it drops on June the 30th and there has been no gameplay at the moment.
You did not need to apologize
Dear God…. No!
This was the game that “allegedly” Nintendo was so embarrassed by they didn’t know if they were going to release it or not.
Could be:
Yeah the 1-2 switch sequel! That’s what I was pretty sure this was the moment I saw this so we can expect it to be Grade A ass😂
Announcing this randomly in a tweet at 9 at night alone shows how much confidence they have in this. I guess it makes sense to bury this game in between Zelda and Pikmin so people don’t remember it much if it turns out to be as bad as it sounded from those leaks awhile back
This definitely proves there isn’t a Switch Pro because that’s where they would ideally release a juggernaut like this.
Let me get this right. Other than Mario or Zelda, they take forever to make sequels to other franchises and yet they immediately make a sequel to an IP no one cares about? Really? I had to wait 11 years for Pikmin 4. Tony, Bobby and Stand had to wait 21 years for Metroid 4. Mike is still waiting for Toads Treasure Tracker 2. Rachel has been waiting for Luigi’s Mansion 4 and Philip has been waiting nearly 22 years for Captain Falcon while Richie has been waiting nearly 9 years for Donkey Kong. Braxton. Been waiting for Starfox which is 7 years. And 15 people been waiting what feels like 30 years for a new Mother(Ness) game. I guess to expect Astral Cahin 2 to release on Switch 3. Yet they can make this immediately.
Didn’t everyone denounce the original 1-2-Switch because it had no substance and would have been better as a pack-in tech demo title rather than a full-price product? Why is this the game that gets another go?
Because we didn’t ask for it. It’s like this, what we want from Nintendo they take forever to give us.
More like,
Nobody 1-2-Switch
Where is DK?
DK is officially cancelled.
It’s cool that this game is getting a sequel from the original game but no one asked this.
Cant wait for the SwitchU to come out so I can get the port of this
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