Expansão de Resident Evil Village DLC Winters será lançada em 28 de outubro

Includes playable Lady D in Mercenaries, third-person mode for the main campaign and story DLC Shadows of Rose. 
Resident Evil Village, the latest in the critically acclaimed survival horror series, launched in 2021 and has already sold over 6 million copies worldwide. The blend of a wide variety of unique characters, such as Lady Dimitrescu, an action-oriented game system, and the story of Ethan Winters who embarks on a journey to search for his kidnapped daughter continues to be enjoyed by long-time Resident Evil fans and newcomers alike. 
There were many requests for additional DLC, and we announced that additional story content was in active development in June last year.
Finally, we’re happy to announce that the highly anticipated DLC, Winters’ Expansion, is coming on October 28. Today, I would like to explain a little about the three contents included in this DLC. If you have not yet experienced Resident Evil Village, we’re also offering a bundle that includes the base game and the Winters’ Expansion! Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will also be available on the same date.
The first piece of content is the Third-Person Mode. This will allow you to play the main story mode in a third-person perspective. This new viewpoint will let you see Ethan as he faces off against his enemies. Those of you who are new as well as those of you who have yet to experience Resident Evil Village can experience the story in this fresh perspective.
Next is The Mercenaries Additional Orders. The arcade-like action shooting experience returns with additional stages and new playable characters such as a fully prepared Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, who wields a giant hammer and possesses the ability to control magnetic forces, and Alcina Dimitrescu who is over nine-feet tall. Each one of them are unique on their own, so we are sure that you will enjoy it!
And Finally, Shadows of Rose. Players saw Rose as a baby in the main story of Resident Evil Village. This DLC will show her story of survival 16 years after the original campaign. We have some screenshots as well as an overview of Shadows of Rose, and we hope you enjoy imagining what this new story will entail. 
16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village…
Rosemary Winters, Ethan’s beloved daughter, has grown up and is now struggling with terrifying powers. In search of a way to break free from her curse, Rose enters the consciousness of the Megamycete.
Rose’s journey takes her to a mysterious realm where memories of the past return to create a warped and twisted world of nightmares.
In addition, Resident Evil Re: Verse, which was a bonus content for Resident Evil Village, will start service at the same time as the Winters’ Expansion on October 28. We hope you will enjoy this action-packed game as well.
For more information regarding Winters’ Expansion and Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, please look forward to future announcements.

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I don’t really play scary games but I might check this out
Good job Capcom !
I hope this is all included on the psvr version
Will Shadows of Rose be in First Person as well?
They said its First Person in the trailer, so i guess they didnt clarify if its both or not.
They said Shadows of Rose is third person in the Capcom Showcase stream.
Awesome! But what about PS VR support for PS4 version users? I know PS5 version is coming soon. But I’m just wondering.
Re 8 is too much for psvr 1
The complete game. See this is why you wait it out these days.
Will there be add on dlc trophies for the winters expansion?
looks great
Can Not Wait to Play…
I do not like first person. And now this is the best thing for me to play this game. 😘
Thank you❤️❤️❤️
It’s really sad that Sony led by Jim, and the marketing department, is so inept at conveying new information to their loyal fans. More than 24 hours after the new Plus has launched and there still hasn’t even been a comprehensive blog post telling us the games and features. Sorry to put this on Capcom’s post but you are going the wrong way Sony, you were a much more reliable company under Jack and Shawn. Your random drops of info and complete lack of addressing what you are doing will ruin you.
I really enjoyed Village. Ethan Winters reached 🐐 status saving Rose. Definitely looking forward to playing all of the new content.
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