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How often does anyone get to boast that they’re launching three games at the same time? This is a banner day for the team at Paradox, along with our friends at Xbox, Codeglue, and Harebrained Schemes, as we all get to bring the amazing universe of Shadowrun to life for a new audience. If you’ve somehow managed to never experience Shadowrun in its nearly 35-year history, you’re in for something special, and we’re honored to be the ones to welcome you into this world of megacorps, magic, and mystery. Xbox Game Pass players now have three points of entry into this amazing setting — Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall, and Shadowrun: Hong Kong, all available collectively as the Shadowrun Trilogy.
Shadowrun, for the uninitiated, is a role-playing game set in a dark, dystopian future, where advanced technology and magic tangle together into a web of corporate espionage, urban warfare, and cyber-crime. Players take on the roles of the eponymous and anonymous “shadowrunners,” specialists and operatives who handle the dirty work for powerful corporations and syndicates when there’s data to be hacked or heads to be cracked. The setting has grown deeper, more intriguing, and increasingly popular with every new edition and game, and we’re not the only ones who think so; the original PC release of Shadowrun Returns was funded on Kickstarter in just 28 hours!
The team at Harebrained Schemes, including the original creators of Shadowrun, brought this fantastic world to life as an isometric tactical RPG with Shadowrun Returns on PC, and players and critics alike responded in a big way; big enough to let the team build two more games, Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Shadowrun: Hong Kong. There’s been a lot of fantastic new experiences over on the tabletop side of Shadowrun, too, with the sixth edition of the core TTRPG releasing as Shadowrun: Sixth World recently, and the Sixth World Companion book full of new character options just this year!
Nothing makes us happier than when people get to visit this wild, weird world for the first time, and when we got the opportunity to work together with Harebrained Schemes, Codeglue, and Xbox to bring the Shadowrun Trilogy to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, we put a team of deckers together right away, optimizing these fantastic games for controllers and improved console performance. Now we get to share Shadowrun three times over with everyone on Xbox Game Pass, and let new players experience the amazing stories and tactical combat of these celebrated classics.
What’s more, there’s a lot happening this summer for Shadowrun fans who’ve been around for a while, too. The classic RPG is leaping into the virtual tabletop realm on Roll20 with a free release of the Shadowrun: Sixth World Quick-Start Rules! This introductory set is going to be followed by full digital releases of the Core Rulebook and the new Sixth World Companion soon, so you can experience Shadowrun no matter where and how you game, and enjoy this incredible world all summer long.
Tap into our world with the Shadowrun Trilogy and let us know what you think — we’ll see you in the shadows.
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