Explore os mistérios de The Frosted Heights na nova atualização do Disney Dreamlight Valley, “A Festival of Friendship”

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Happy February, we hope you brought some winter clothing! Temperatures are dropping in Dreamlight Valley but that can only mean one thing – fun! The Disney Dremlight Valley team is happy to announce that “A Festival of Friendship” is now officially live for all platforms, introducing players to a whole new biome –  The Frosted Heights. Plus, launching alongside this new update is the brand-new Centennial Star Path launched in honor of Disney’s 100-year anniversary celebration.
Unlike the rest of Dreamlight Valley, The Frosted Heights remains an almost inhospitable place for you and your Disney and Pixar friends thanks to its frigid temperature and tumultuous blizzard. The ever-wise Merlin, however, believes that the Frosted Heights can be brought back to more mild conditions, but players will have to enlist the help of Olaf, everyone’s favorite snowman, in order to unravel the mystery behind the area’s wintry dilemma.
Meanwhile, players will also discover how the power of family and understanding can help bring another Disney friend back to Dreamlight Valley – Mirabel! The Madrigal family’s most well-known family member, and the Mini-Casita she calls home, was whisked away from Dreamlight Valley at the onset of The Forgetting. Players will need to work with Mirabel and use her skills at resolving family conflicts in order to bring her and the Mini-Casita back to Dreamlight Valley.
Everyone in Dreamlight Valley loves a party and who couldn’t be excited about a party 100 years in the making! For 100 years, Disney has tapped into the spirit of creativity and imagination to delight audiences of all ages around the world. It’s time to celebrate that legacy with the all-new Centennial Star Path! This season features new Dream Styles for both Mickey and Minnie, as well as a range of new furniture, clothing, and motifs!
Cozy up next to the fire or grab a warm blanket for the frigid temperatures and wintry adventure waiting for you in “A Festival of Friendship.” The entire team couldn’t be more thrilled for the launch of this new update, and to continue bringing improvements to the game with our Early Access. We hope you have a great time with Disney Dreamlight Valley’s “A Festival of Friendship” update.
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