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A deadly, mutating parasite threatens all of humanity, and it’s up to you (and up to two friends) to stand against it in the new tactical co-op shooter, Rainbow Six Extraction. Available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, Extraction launches with full cross-play, cross-save, and cross-progression, making it easier than ever to find allies in your fight against the Archaeans.
And you’re going to want help! The powerful array of enemy archetypes demands smart planning and sharp shooting, and the shifting objectives and mutations make each run an unpredictable challenge. Accomplish your first objective, and you’ll face a choice: extract the team now to bank the XP and progress you’ve already made or push on to the next objective and risk it all for bigger rewards. Progression unlocks new REACT tech gadgets – like the projectile-blocking field wall or enemy-slowing glue grenade – as well as new cosmetic customization items and new weapons for your loadout. But perhaps the most impactful upgrades are for your Operators.
Rainbow Six Extraction features a select roster of Operators from Rainbow Six Siege who have been recruited to confront this crisis. Sledge, Hibana, Finka, Vigil, Tachanka, Ela, and others each have a unique progression path that grants boosted attributes, new skills, and souped-up gadgets to make them more effective in the field. Something to keep in mind when you’re pushing on to that next objective, however: if an Operator goes down and can’t be extracted by a teammate, they will go MIA. You get one chance to re-enter that map area to save them, after which they will be returned to your roster with a significant XP loss. It’s dangerous out there, and the risk is real.
Let’s lighten the mood with a fun bonus: If you own Rainbow Six Siege (or play it through Game Pass) and purchase Rainbow Six Extraction (or play it through Game Pass), you’ll be granted the United Front bundle, which includes four exclusive gearsets split between the two games. You’ll also unlock all 18 Operators featured in Extraction for use in Rainbow Six Siege. See? Fun!
Now, back to business: This game can get seriously challenging, and you’ll want to find friends who have your back. With the Buddy Pass (available after launch), you’ll be able to do just that by inviting two friends who don’t own the game to play with you for free for two weeks. And with a free post-launch plan in place to deliver new content and challenges in the coming weeks and months, you’ll want your crew to get leveled up and ready to tackle what’s next.
So, get started today by downloading Rainbow Six Extraction, recruiting a few friends, and doing your darnedest to save the world.
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