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F-Zero X chega ao Nintendo Switch Online com multiplayer online

Silence broken.
The F-Zero series is finally headed to the Switch – at least, the N64’s F-Zero X is.
It’s the next game to arrive on the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion, following Majora’s Mask last month. It will be available from 11th March.
Following the impressive Mode 7 graphics of the SNES original, F-Zero X added polygonal graphics, 30 character races, and blistering speed over winding, rollercoaster tracks at a smooth 60 fps.
This release on Switch will include online multiplayer for four players – a first for the series.
The game was followed by F-Zero GX on the GameCube, which added sharpened graphics and a phenomenal soundtrack.
The addition of F-Zero X means there are now thirteen N64 games available on Nintendo Switch Online:
What’s next? Data miners looked into the expansion pass at launch and filled in some gaps in the line-up: Mario Party, Wave Race 64 and Smash Bros are all strong contenders.
And perhaps the inclusion of F-Zero X could signal a return of Nintendo’s long lost racing series? We can but hope.
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