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A Musical Story launches today on Xbox, and we’re incredibly excited that you can finally play it. Creating this game was a real journey, as emotionally intense as the story of our character Gabriel. But let me tell you a bit more about the universe of A Musical Story.
We wanted to offer players a refreshing experience in every way. A Musical Story is therefore a game in which you advance the story by playing music. The gameplay and the story are thus intimately connected. This sense of progression is also found in the choice of the road trip. Gabriel and his musician friends set off together with a crazy dream: to cross the country to play at the Pinewood Festival.
We wanted to find that mix between excitement of discovery and inner adventure that you can have in films, such as Into The Wild, for example. You will therefore travel through many landscapes and discover endearing and deeply human characters, both in their qualities and in their weaknesses.
A Musical Story is set in the 70s, which is a fantastic playground for us as creators. Visually, the style of our characters, our van, and all everyday objects, is very representative of those years. And the artistic direction of the game has also taken a very original route.
The characters stand out from the sets thanks to very particular chiaroscuro techniques, the image constantly vibrates, giving it a unique grain and warmth, and Gabriel’s inner demons are symbolized by crows reminiscent of those of Disney’s Silly Symphony cartoons.
Musically, the creativity of the 70s was wildly inspiring. Bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and many others, had such great creative freedom that composing the music for the game was a constant pleasure for us, a kind of musician’s dream.
If you listen attentively to the music, you will notice that each character has their intonations, their instrument timbres, and sometimes even their musical themes which vary according to the emotions of each scene. We think this helps connect the player more deeply to the characters and their stories.
We put a lot of love into the creation of this game, its gameplay, its artistic direction, and its music. Now it’s up to you to discover Gabriel’s story, and we hope it excites you as much as it excited us when we created it.
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