FIFA 23 chega em 30 de setembro no PS4 e PS5: primeiros detalhes

HyperMotion 2 tech, women’s club football integration, revamped chemistry system, FUT Moments, FIFA World Cup and more revealed. 
After 30 years of EA’s landmark FIFA football series, its latest entry, FIFA 23, is scheduled to hit the scene later this year. EA is marking its last game to carry the FIFA branding with the promise of it being the most connected, inclusive, ambitious, and all-around biggest entry yet. 
Coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 with crossplay 1-v-1 modes between versions, FIFA 23 brings innovations never seen in the world of videogame football, whether you’re on a pitch or behind the scenes making various decisions in career mode. This FIFA is stepping it up and showcasing EA’s growth with the series, featuring upgraded physics, graphics, and for the first time, women’s club football integration, including a playable women’s FIFA World Cup. These additions are proof of why EA is calling FIFA 23 “The World’s Game.”
One of the main focuses of FIFA 23 is to mold it into the most authentic entry in the series ever. To do this, EA has advanced its HyperMotion 2 motion capture system to make players seem more lifelike than before. The captured data with this system brings over 6,000 realistic animations from real match captures to the game. Players now run, kick, and block with such true-to-life movements that it may even make you forget you’re playing a football videogame.
EA presented several features made possible thanks to this innovative technology. FIFA 23 features augmented reality broadcast replays, making plays more immersive. The environments have also received upgrades, including Hyper-realistic pitch surfaces and an enhanced stadium atmosphere complete with the most audience chants and animations in the series.
The world isn’t the only enhanced piece of FIFA 23. Players and the actual sport have been upgraded as well, with more realistic physics present across every part of the game. One example directly showcasing the power of HyperMotion 2’s features is the female players and their new authentic movements, which were impossible without the new motion capture technology.
With 19,000+ players, 700+ teams, 100 stadiums, and 30+ leagues in FIFA 23, you’ll be enjoying this new authenticity for hours on end.
Another goal is to ensure that FIFA 23’s gameplay allows for even more player input. The new mechanics strive to give total control over how you pass, score, and move. Among these additions are a new skill-based risk-reward shooting mechanic, more intuitive free kicks, and penalties and corner shots. Thanks to a more realistic physics engine, these additions introduce yet another layer of depth to the game and give greater control of the action.
So, where can you enjoy all these advancements to the FIFA formula? FIFA 23 has plenty of modes where you can put all the visual and mechanical upgrades to the test. One of those modes is FUT Moments, where you can create your own squad full of new ICONS, FUT Heroes, and anyone else you can think of with a revamped Chemistry System. This refreshed take on a classic mode introduces even more freedom and creativity in an already freeform title.
You can also make your place in history by competing in the FIFA World Cup right from the comfort of your own home. The men’s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 are all here for you to experience as they happen.
The newly added Training Centre is perfect for players new to the FIFA series. It includes challenges and chapters aplenty, each tailor-made to teach less experienced players the fundamentals of gameplay and help them improve.
Pro Clubs, Volta Football, and Career Mode introduce more ways to engage with FIFA 23. In Pro Club mode, you can bring your own style to the game with new customization, Drop In enhancements, and new perks. Volta Football adds more style points to the game by allowing you to join friends and the rest of the community to show off your Avatar in upgraded Volta arcades. Career Mode lets you create a personal player, manage some of the largest names in the history of the sport, and play through an entire season. It also brings new playable highlights to the FIFA series for the first time.
And finally, whether you’re on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, you can compete against friends on the same platform generation in 1v1 modes via crossplay. These different versus styles span across FIFA Ultimate Team, Online Seasons, Online Friendlies, and more.
With so many new improvements and reasons to play, FIFA 23 truly feels like the “World’s Game.”  Whether you’re a longtime fan or a series newcomer, you can enjoy FIFA 23 on PlayStation 4 and 5 when it releases later this year. More will be shared on it and its new additions in the near future.

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Will buy it on sale
will be half off late november – mid january, as always.
multiple times
imagine paying $69 every years on same game
copy paste
hahah more like the ultimate edition price that is what is up for preorder.
So nothing new?
I’ll wait till it eventually comes to PSPlus as a free game like before.
“… and for the first time, women’s club football integration, including a playable women’s FIFA World Cup.”
Zanfear you have outed yourself again, doesn’t play fifa just a contrarian on blog posts.
playing national womens squads has been in since 2016, you’d know if you actually played the game.
The part that’s new is the club level, like women’s chelsea, psg, bayern etc.
Most of the fifa marketing is **** anyone plays the game knows all their efforts go to rejigging the feel of the game each year to “feel” new and 97% of their effort is on the Ultimate team mode.
The world cup stuff is additive, stuff like hypermotion 2 is made up buzzword bs for their animation system updates.
The biggest thing they list us actually the chemistry system changes, that is a big deal if it impacts fut proper, the whole mode is bound to that and again you would call that out or the fact that career clubs volta all get nothing or more flash buzzwords of stuff that doesn’t actually improve the game or modes.
This will be the last fifa after that they go it without the licence.
Should just call “fifa 24” what it actually is Menus & Blocked Shots 24.
i know what you will say you will take umbrage over sports games and try and safe face.
Fifa 23 cannot be evaluated until the early access 10 hour trial goes up in september. The rest of this is hype to sell ultimate edition fomo preorders.
When it said cross play I though it mean PS vs Xboxers. Now that would have been something. Alas no, it’s PS4 v PS5. What a letdown.
I’ll wait for this on EA Play thank you. 9 months or so. It’ll be patched then and everything should be fine.
will HyperMotion 2 FINALLY ( !!! ) arrives on PC !!!
Come on EA….pull your billion dollar weights 😉
Nah I think I’ll pass on EA’s sports for the next decade or two
Im gonna pass for the next century
When’s the last time either of you even played a fifa game anyways?
just complaining with no weight.
Pass on all their games if you have such integrity, skip fallen order 2 oh noble ones.
I think you guys forgot about the predatory loot boxes that prey on children and people with gambling addictions
The thing is if you actually played the games you can get top tier teams for $0 extra after playing thr game for $5 on ea play, or “free” on plus or on sale <50%.
You don’t even have to put that much effort. in, if you don’t enjoy the sport and playing the video game version of it then don’t but it is not the cesspit like nba 2k sensationalists like j sterling and co make it out to be, who by the way never play the game.
The game is focused on engagement and will reward you for playing. If you have gambling and willpower problems you shouldn’t play any live services game really.
For kids parents have a responsibility and it’s easy to lock a main or sub account from making purchases, or allocate allowances/ supervised buys.
You shouldn’t spend on these, there’s no reason to and the value is poor. People always act like everyone is getting ripped and it’s not the case, you have 90%+ of these purchases being done by a specific user group and the huge wales are typically streamers etc.
Not poor people with impulse control or 10 year old kids. I don’t alloe my son to buy anything without talking about it and he saves him money and is choosey.
Should it be regulated more absolutely, but it won’t be. The real issue is you don’t good stuff when you spend $10-100 and the gameplay could use a lot of improvements. it has dda and cheating ai that blocks way to many shots that is not money or kid stuff.
93+ average overall team 18 players 4 different teams and tons of “fodder” to get other players free with more stuff by playing updates daily is not a EA force you to buy stuff situation.
The RTG (road to glory) free accounts have been know and a thing for years. this big lie about the game.
for perspective on rating theres less than 10 cards in the 93-91 range at the start of the game, if you want a 90+ average team on september 27 it will cost $$$$ whale money that’s the game, but from launch to close good players can win with whatever so there is no reason to spend at any point.
Just tired of these L takes on this.
Don’t be dumb, supervise your children. Don’t like the game don’t play it.
stop buying this.
Stop buying remasters for the same game over and over and over again.
$70 lou remastermake with no factions. same story, same levels, same gameplay.
Finally some Cross Play. Don’t have to feel bad not being able to play with my friends who are still on PS4 😅
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