Fundo de Investimento Público da Arábia Saudita volta a aumentar participação e passa a deter 8,26% da Nintendo

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The Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund has once again increased its stake in Nintendo and now owns  8.26% of the Kyoto-based company. It was only the other day that it was raised to 7.08% and in May 2022 Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund only had a 5.01% stake in Nintendo. Nintendo isn’t the only video game company which the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund has been investing in, as its subsidiary, the Savvy Games Group, has large stakes in Embracer Group and Capcom, amongst others. Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is the largest outside investor in Nintendo.
“Nintendo did not immediately respond to a request for comment regarding Saudi investment”
Investment is always a good thing, and I doubt that they will ever take over Nintendo, and I don’t even think that they can. If I was Nintendo I’d start putting many good quality titles out to prove to investors that they are working pro-actively.
Actually, Saudi Arabia has a majority stake in SNK. I don’t know where this “foreign companies can’t own japanese companies” thing came from but it’s probably an old repealed law.
I don’t think it’s not allowed to happen, but I think Japan would block it from happening. A couple years ago there was talks of some country buying up blackberry, and Canada blocked it or said they would. It’d be like if Saudi Arabia wanted to buy Google or something and if they had the money I don’t think the US would even allow it. Sure if it was some random company, but nothing to this scale. Just my opinion though
SNK is chinese since 2015…
SNK HQ is in Osaka. And even if it was Chinese now, wouldn’t that mean that a foreign company bought it?
No its not allowed like in the US where small to mid size companies can make a deal with foreign companies and get bought in japan everything like this must happen through the government and its a long process and mostly rejected, thats about small mid size companies.
large companies are protected from their own governments in all countries of the world.
Nintendo should have bought Capcom in the 2000s. This is a welcome thing though. Nintendo and Japan shall always protect Nintendo. It’s Capcom am worried about though; they need to be consolidated and grounded in games and not money hatting.
They should have kept Rare aswell , and made a disc based console so they still had actual third party games like Square Enix , Capcom , Konami just to name a few! After Microsoft bought Rare things wen’t downhill , unless you like playing allot of the same franchises.
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