Gerenciar um culto pode ser um negócio confuso em Cult of the Lamb, que sai em 11 de agosto

Everything has a use in Cult of the Lamb – even poop.
In Massive Monster and Devolver Digital’s Cult of the Lamb, players take on the role of the Lamb, a cutesy cult leader and adorable harbinger of doom, saved from death to serve The One Who Waits. Players embark on crusades through randomly generated dungeons filled with hordes of monsters and false prophets, to find new followers and resources to bring back to their cult.
Of course, what is a shepherd without a flock? Back home you must indoctrinate any new followers into the cult. You can customize them, build new structures, and perform great sermons in your temple – letting you draw power from your followers to grow stronger for your next crusade.
To run a successful and productive cult you must keep your followers healthy and their faith in you high. They have needs that must be met otherwise they will become unhappy – and eventually turn against you. Build homes so they have somewhere to sleep at night, grow crops and cook meals to keep them fed and happy…
…and make sure you clean up their poop.
What goes in must come out! Followers will leave waste that must be cleaned up, or they can get sick and eventually die. In the beginning, it will be the job of the humble Lamb to ensure your community remains clean and tidy. However, as the cult grows you will unlock structures that make it easier to maintain, and eventually become self-sustaining. Outhouses will give followers some privacy and a place to do their business, and janitor stations will let you assign followers the job of keeping the place tidy – so you don’t have to.
Remember those crops you were growing? Well, waste not want not! Poop you collect can be used to fertilize farm plots, to maximize their output and grow juicy bumper crops. Build a farmer station and some silos, and followers will plant new seeds and then fertilize them for you. As the mighty Lamb you should make your cult members do the dirty work for you! Poop can even be used in culinary experimentation… not that anyone would do that, right?
Everything has a use in Cult of the Lamb – even poop 💩
Cult of the Lamb comes out on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 August 11.

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Welp, I’m more excited for that then I was expecting. Looks like a good way to loose some hours. On the switch as well?
I’m sold. It looks great and the art style is amazing, seamlessly blending the kawaii with the lovecraftian. Plus, it looks to be fun as heck!
Nice! It’s the Sims with a cool aesthetic.
Nice with a cool aesthetic. pics
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