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Think you have what it takes to defeat the most talented musicians in the universe in rhythmic combat? God of Rock opens its world tour on April 18, 2023, unleashing a stacked setlist of energetic tracks that players will need to master to perform devastating combos in musical matches against other fighters. Check out the newest trailer above showcasing God of Rock’s unique blend of fighting and rhythmic gameplay.
In God of Rock, you’ll face off against your opponents as one of the universe’s greatest talents, and with the power of your righteous beats, blast them into orbit. You and your enemy will engage in a match just like in any other fighting game, but the actual battle will be driven by rhythm game mechanics. Follow the prompts scrolling across the screen, spurred on by music that’s been dictated by the stage and characters selected, to unleash attacks on your foe. 
As battles continue and health bars wear down, the beat will pick up. Keep up with the music, or your attacks will miss their mark. In these fights, the one who loses their groove first will be the one to fall. Special and Ultra attacks must be utilized to their fullest extent to take control of the fight.
The game will launch with 12 unique characters, each with their own combat style and special moves, eight mesmerizing stages, and over 40 original rock tracks to choose from. Depending on the unique combination of selected characters and stage, your gameplay changes, providing a new experience every time you switch up how you play. 
Each of the game’s 40+ music tracks are being carefully and masterfully curated by a talented team of indie composers. There’s something for every rock fan in this setlist – it touches on every subgenre from Celtic rock to punk to symphonic rock.
Feeling musically creative yourself? You’ll be able to utilize the Beat Builder game mode to try your own hand at composing a fight chart to craft your very own battle to the beat. In God of Rock, you’re not a background musician – you’re the lead artist!
God of Rock releases April 18, 2023 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. For more information on God of Rock and Modus Games, visit or follow @modusgames on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord
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