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Goose Goose Duck, jogo de dedução social parecido com os EUA, quebra recordes de jogadores no Steam

What the duck's going on?
Online social deduction game Goose Goose Duck, has surpassed Steam’s concurrent player record for Among Us, the game it has taken heavy inspiration from.
Based on the latest figures, the free-to-play game garnered a peak of 563,677 players today, making it the third most popular game on the platform.
How does a brand-new indie game burst into the scene out of nowhere? Well in this case, we can attribute its success to the power of K-pop.
The game was streamed by BTS member Kim Tae-hyung, which accelerated the game’s outreach and adoption.
According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, the game has been especially popular in Asian markets including China and Korea.
This social deduction game has been going viral over the past month and just surpassed Among Us’ PCCU on Steas

China and Korea have been key markets. According to our China Games Streaming Tracker it was the #8 most watched PC game on live streaming platforms in the past 2 weeks https://t.co/iXCqh3YyB1
But the surge in popularity hasn’t been without its problems. Earlier in the week, the game’s servers buckled under the sheer demand placed on them.
[UPDATE] Services have come back online, the team will continue to monitor and work on server stability and expansion. We appreciate the support and patience ♥️
In any case, if you’re an indie developer who’s game gets streamed by a K-pop superstar, best of luck!
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Ishraq Subhan
Ishraq is a freelance games journalist. His first ever console was the PlayStation, where he found his love of games through Ridge Racer. He likes to think he’s really into story-driven games, but spends most of his time on the latest yearly Call of Duty release.
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