Governo dos EUA quer Gary Bowser na prisão por 5 anos por produzir / vender consoles de jogos que permitem pirataria

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Gary Bowser, who was part of hacking group, Team Xecuter, and was busted for selling piracy enabling games console devices has been informed that the US government want him in prison for five years. However, Mr. Bowser has pled guilty and has already accepted a $4.5 million fine plus a $10 million fine from Nintendo. As a whole, Team Xecuter made tens of millions of dollars from selling and producing mod chips. Though it is only Gary Bowser who has been caught thus far. He is personally expecting to serve a year and a half prison sentence, though as always, it will be a judge who delivers the final verdict.
A 60-month sentence was appropriate given “the nature and circumstances of the offense, the history and characteristics of the defendant, and the need for the sentence to reflect the seriousness of the offense, to promote respect for the law, and to provide just punishment… to afford adequate deterrence to criminal conduct”.
“This case is unlike any other criminal case known to the government. Mr. Bowser deserves a higher sentence… given the size and breath of the Team Xecuter conspiracy, which lasted for years and included multiple types of circumvention devices.”
Gary is “the least culpable and only apprehended defendant from this indictment” and he is therefore taking the brunt of the blame . The defence team also says that Mr. Bowser only made an estimated $320k over seven years, while the rest of the team (who remain uncaught) earned more and lived lavish lifestyles.
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Was this the guy who only had to pay $30 a month and refused to so he got put back into the courts. Full of himself till the end huh =b
Never would have seen this coming, lol. Even Nintendo is giving him a fine. Does this mean we’re getting a new president for Nintendo America?
Edit: I just realized this is Gary Bowser, not Doug Bowser. I didn’t know Bowser was such a common last name till recently, ha ha.
I had a baseball couch name bowser, it was the same year NSMBU was announced, which was funny because our team was the Flying Squirrels
Baseball couch? Did he use his own cushions for the base and home plates?
It’s not a common last name at all. This is an example of fate, intelligent design by comical divinity that toys with humanity. However you end up taking this truth will be fated too.
That’s Doug Bowser mate… different guy.
It’ll be a black lesbian trans women for sure if Biden had it his way. :p jk lol or a white lesbian woman. 😛 Nintendo is doomed if politics and diversity makes its way in.
Maybe they should lock up this bowser guy. But what about THE Bowser, he’s been kidnapping the princess for decades, surely he needs to be locked up. Lol
Bowser going to be bowser
Honestly this is 1 of the reasons I hate people that do piracy. It’s because of people like Gary Bowser that Nintendo just lumps all the modders and game dumpers in with people like him.
Frankly, I hope he gets what he deserves.
While I can’t protect people who privacy for the sake of making money, I can say it depends on the situation,when I was a child I had no other way on playing Nintendo games or getting into Nintendo so I heavily relied on emulators and roms base off of what some of classmates own or recommended to me, in the end as I got older I did end up buying my own consoles and games because I can afford them but it really does depend on the situation, I’m still neutral when it comes to and I do understand that it’s really not right.
Yeah but Nintendo always finds a away to takedown people who pirate games for the sake of them earning profits out of there games. But yeah, I do agree with you. I will stay neutral on this as well.
I know this stand is cold and up front but the way I see it; If you can’t pay for it then you are not entitled to it. Just because you lack the money to pay for something doesn’t mean you’re allowed to download it for free. I’d love to own a Playstation 4 Pro right now but because I don’t have the money to pay for it, does that mean I am allowed to go into a game shop or someone’s home and rob one? Of course not.
It’s the same with games, you’re downloading something you’d normally have to pay for. It’s also, to me, giving the middle finger to the people that worked really hard on making said game. Game Development is really hard and people have to throw themselves into it and give it their all, at the very least they deserve the treatment of their hard work making money.
This the same kind of guy that thinks if you can’t afford a kidney you should just die
+bilbo baggins
Bruh….you cannot be serious with this.
Are you seriously comparing not being able to afford video games, a luxary item, with ACTUAL kidney failiure?
Some people just resort to stupid replies for the purpose of causing trouble. There’s no way he genuinely believes what he says.
And that’s the reason why I said I do understand I did end up rebuying most of the games I played as child because of how fun they were so it’s all cool I understand the hard truth.
Modchips shouldn’t be illegal. It is literally no different than jailbreaking an iPhone or rooting an Android. Piracy is just one of many things it enables.
Modding isn’t illegal in the west though…
so long, Gary Bowser!
Underrated comment right here
Well its been nice knowing the guy. Punishment received.
5 years, i say put him under the prison.
It’s not the modding that’s illegal so much as it is making a profit off enabling piracy through distributing mods.
I really hate the world and y’all racist bastards… All he was doing was making mods everybody wants buy and play… People really spoil the fun in life because they didn’t think of the idea… I hope Bowser continue in private after these fines and prison time… I could kill the Muthafucker who snitched on him right now… You like fucking other people’s lives up, why not end yours!!!
I’m itching to tell Nintendo you can’t have multiple separate convictions after someone has already been convicted of the exact same crime.
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